Hotel Bound


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I came out of the bathroom, my hair still damp from the shower, and lay back on the bed to wait for You as You had instructed. I stretched my arms up above my head and placed them back into the cold metal handcuffs that waited for me. As I clicked the left cuff, then the right one closed about my wrists, I bent my knees and spread my thighs wide, just as You told me to do, exposing my smooth, shaved mound to the cooler air in the hotel bedroom.

As I laid there, waiting for You, I thought about the previous evening when, after pleasing You with my body twice, I had failed to bring You off a third time with my mouth as You had desired. I had been very tired by then, but that was no excuse. A slut slave – a good one, anyway – should be able to please her Master at His command. I knew that You had to go to work this morning, You had meetings all day You had told me, and I wondered what was in store for me.

When You were showered and dressed, You returned to me, straightening Your tie as You entered the bedroom. You stood for a few minutes and watched me lying naked and spread on the bed. I watched You watching me, I looked at Your hands, remembering the feel of them on and in my body, and I felt my nipples harden under Your gaze and my slut pussy get slick. I watched as You rummaged through a duffle bag, and I felt my eyes widen as You came away from it with what looked like a huge diaper! Knowing You were already displeased with me, I did not comment or ask or make any sound as You approached me with the diaper. You set the thing down next to me and went back to the bathroom, only to return with a large glass of cold water. You put a straw in it and held it close to me.

“Drink it all, my slut,” You instructed as I placed my lips on the end of the straw, “drink it all or the punishment will be harsh.” I sucked and swallowed, watching You silently, until I had drunk it all. You smiled and smoothed my hair away from my face and set the glass back down on the nightstand. You moved to the foot of the bed without speaking and set Your hand on my mound, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin.

“As you know, little slut, I have meetings today and will be gone most of the day. I had thought to leave you to your own devices while I am gone. However, you failed to please Me last night as I instructed. Never have you failed to bring me off with your sweet mouth as you did last night. Today you will be punished. You will be bound to the bed while I am gone today. You will not be allowed up for anything. I’m not sure if anyone will be in during the day to see to you, but if they are, you will obey them in all things, for they are friends of Mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, I do.” I told You quietly, almost whispering.

“Very good.” You nodded. “Now, pull your knees up to your chest for me.” I did as You asked, bringing my knees together and pulling them up towards my chest. You placed one hand under my bottom and lifted it slightly, sliding the adult-sized diaper under my hips. You picked up a small bottle of powder from the nightstand and sprinkled it on my bottom, then placed one hand on my thigh and pulled gently and I lowered my legs again, spreading them slightly. You sprinkled the powder on my mound and smoothed it gently with Your large, warm hand. You drew the front of the diaper up between my thighs and fastened it firmly over my hips.

Once the diaper was secure, You moved back to the side of the bed and sat down next to me. Quietly, You reached over to me and took my nipples in Your fingers. You rolled them between Your fingertips, slowly bringing them hard before pinching them firmly. Slowly You increased the pressure You were putting on them, pinching my nips harder and harder until I gasped out loud with the pain. Smiling gently, You maintained Your vicious grip on my nipples for a few moments before releasing them and getting up, pulling Your suit jacket on, preparing to leave. You took the glass from the nightstand and entered the bathroom again. In just a moment, You returned with another full glass of cold water and held it out to me. Obediently, I put my mouth to the straw and drank until the glass was empty again. You returned the glass to the nightstand and rose.

“Remember, slut, anyone who comes into this room, comes with My permission. You are to obey them in everything as you would obey Me. If I hear of you even hesitating, you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master.” I replied, my nipples still throbbing from Your fingers. You approached me again, and kissed me on the mouth.

“Be good, my pet. Do not seek permission to be released from your bondage, it will not be allowed. If you ask to be released, I will be told and you will be punished.” You kissed me again, stroking my hair as You stood. “Behave yourself, and I will see you tonight.”

“Yes, my Master.” I watched as You walked out the door. I could not see a clock from my position, so I had no idea of the time. I had urinated before I took a shower, so I had no immediate need to go again, but I knew You giving me so much to drink would soon take it’s effect. Feeling some tired, I closed my eyes and dozed off.

I had no idea how much time had passed when I awoke. There was some pressure in my bladder, I could still ignore it for now, but I knew that would change. I knew that there were safety releases on my handcuffs – Master would never leave me alone and bound without a way to escape – but I knew if I used them without permission I would very much disappoint my Master and be severely disciplined for my disobedience. I heard the noise of the door unlocking just seconds before it swung open, admitting a woman to my prison.

She looked tall from my prone position on the bed, she was probably 5’6″ or so, about 130 lbs. She had dark auburn hair and I couldn’t yet tell what color her eyes were. The first thing she did was take the glass from the nightstand and go into the bathroom to fill it. When she brought it back, she offered it to me and I immediately lifted my head and began to drink. She stroked my hair gently as I drank the all the water she gave me. She set the glass on the nightstand again and pinched my nipples lightly with her left hand while she continued to stroke my hair with her right.


As my nipples hardened beneath her fingers, she picked up my nipple clamps, one by one, from the nightstand where Master had left them and attached them to my nipples. I sucked in a breath as she tightened them down until they were tight to the point of pain, but not unbearable. She stood and raised her little red skirt up to her waist and she straddled my head, kneeling, pulling her little thong panties to one side. I waited, knowing what she wanted, but waited like the well-trained slut I am. Waited for instructions or permission to suck the clit I could see peeking from between her labia.

“Lick my cunt, slut. I want to cum.” The woman’s voice was soft and breathy, and I tipped my head back slightly and reached up to her with my mouth and tongue. Tentatively, I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit, feeling her very short, trimmed pubes brushing my lips as I flicked her clit with my tongue. Above me, she loosened the two top buttons of her black blouse and lifted her full, round breasts out of her bra, pinching and pulling her nipples lightly.

Lifting my head as high as I could, I sucked her labia gently, one at a time, and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could make it reach. I smelled her scent, slightly musky and sweet, and tasted her sweet/tart flavor on my tongue, on my lips. I pushed my tongue in and out of her like a tiny cock for a minute, and then stroked her swelling clit with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. I saw her pulling at her nipples and tits more vigorously as I sucked her clit, stroking it inside my mouth with my tongue. As she started crying out with pleasure, I opened my mouth a little wider and sucked on her sopping wet hole, swallowing her sweetness. As I sucked at her opening, I flicked my tongue out to play along the entrance, teasing lightly before I moved back up to her clit and sucked it into my mouth again, rubbing it hard with my tongue as I sucked it.

My neck and jaw were aching, and she was riding my face, grinding against me, her sloppy cunt making my chin and nose slick with her wetness. I continued to suck her clit and she viciously pulled her nipples and threw her head back, crying out as she came. I wished my hands were free so I could sink my fingers, maybe even my whole hand, into her sopping wet cunt, but I knew better than to ask permission to be freed. I wanted to please my Master, not make Him angry with my disobedience.

When the woman calmed down, her orgasm receding, she pulled her panties back over her swollen, wet slit, took the glass with her and went into the bathroom. I heard her urinating, and I had an almost painful twinge in my bladder, feeling the need to urinate also. I heard her flush and wash her hands, and when she came back in, the glass was full again. She offered it to me and, smelling her juices on my face, I put my mouth to the straw and drank again. When the glass was empty, she set it back on the nightstand and went to stand at the foot of the bed. She climbed up to sit between my ankles, spreading my legs with her hands. She reached out and felt the diaper I was wearing, touching and squeezing it from the outside. Finding it dry and rather flat, she set her hand low on my belly and pressed, bringing me the instant, almost desperate desire to pee.

“Little slut, if you don’t wet while I’m here, you’ll have to sit in it until someone else willing to change you gets here. I don’t know if your Master has anyone else coming here to see to you.” She continued to rub and press my belly. “If I were you, I would pee and be done with it.” She watched my face for a moment, pressing a little more firmly on my belly. I felt a little bit of hot urine leak into the diaper as she pressed on me, and I tried desperately to close my legs to keep from peeing, but with her sitting between them, I could not. I fought desperately to keep control of myself, I did NOT want to wet myself in front of this stranger, I did not want her to diaper me.

The woman stopped pressing on my belly and pushed my thighs to force them farther apart. As she pressed my thighs open, I felt myself losing control. Closing my eyes, I relaxed and hot urine burst from within me. I could feel the warmth of it spreading through the diaper, and I felt the woman place her hand on the plastic covering of it so she could feel the warmth of my wet. I felt tears sting my eyes as my bladder emptied into the diaper, the woman feeling the warmth of my shame with her hand. It seemed like I kept peeing for a very long time with her sitting there. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted my Master.

When the stream of urine finally slowed to a trickle and stopped, I opened my eyes and saw the woman sitting between my legs, smiling, her hand still on the diaper. After a moment, she rose, and I heard her running water in the bathroom. When she returned, she was carrying a damp cloth. She set the cloth on the bed beside me and pulled the tapes of the diaper loose. She crossed my ankles and lifted them up, pulling the diaper out from under my bottom as if I were just a baby. She wiped my bottom and my mound gently with the warm cloth and left me lying naked on the bed while she put the diaper in the trash. She pulled another diaper from Master’s duffle bag and brought it back to the bed. She brushed a couple of tears from my cheeks with her fingers. She crossed my ankles again, lifting them, and slid the dry diaper under my bottom.

The woman gently spread my thighs and pressed her finger against my pussy, finding it surprisingly wet. She stroked me with her fingers for a few moments, and I could feel my face flaming with color as she watched me and teased me. I felt her slick fingers rubbing over my clit, pinching it lightly, stroking it. My hips moved ever so slightly up towards her hand. She withdrew her hand from me and presented her wet fingers to me. I opened my mouth willingly and she pressed her fingers into my mouth for me to lick and suck clean. When I could no longer taste my cunt on her fingers, she drew her fingers gently from my mouth and fastened the diaper securely over my hips. The last thing she did before she left was to fetch another tall glass of water from the bathroom and bring it to me to drink, which I did. She kissed me lightly on the mouth, set the glass down, and left. I heard the lock engage behind her. In the quiet of the room, still feeling the shame of peeing in front of a stranger, and being diapered by her, still smelling the scent of her cunt on my face, I closed my eyes and slept again.


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