Ani & Lars


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Ani was wiped out. Her red-eye back from Seattle was delayed twice, so she hadn’t touched down in Boston until 8:30 on Friday morning. She’d been gone since Sunday morning, so she had hoped to be able to see Lars, her husband of less than 3 months, before he had to go to work. No such luck.

By the time she got out of Logan and back to their little condo in the Back Bay, it was almost 10am. Luckily she did not have to go in to work today, so when she got home, she quickly slipped into her pajamas, crawled into the freshly made bed, and promptly passed out.

She woke up at 2:30pm, hungry. But the bed was so warm and comfy. She did a long sleepy stretch, and thought about what she’d do to Lars when he came home… A devious little smile formed on her lips.

She got up, had a quick snack, and went into the bathroom to draw a bath. As the hot water filled the big tub, the air filled with the scent of lavender from the bath salts, and when she lowered herself into the tub, she felt the knots from the plane ride slowly start to dissipate. “Those airplane seats are like torture instruments” she thought.

She turned on the hot air bubbles in the tub, and the loud humming of the motor slowly lulled her into a doze. She woke up 30 minutes later, very relaxed, and very excited at the same time. Her muscles were like rubber, but her clit was electric.

She hadn’t masturbated for 3 whole days. Work had been crazy while she was in Seattle, and she was just wiped out almost every day, so she simply passed out when she got to her room. On several occasions, she had been talking on the phone to Lars in her bed, and fallen asleep in the middle of the conversation.

She did manage to rub one out in the shower on Tuesday night, but that was not very satisfying… No one to share it with. Now, however, she was at home, she was completely relaxed, and really horny.

She turned off the bubbles and looked down at her body in the tub. She had been lucky in the genetics lottery: 5’8″, 130lbs, long trim legs ending in an ass that betrayed her obsession with Volleyball and squats, firm round 30-D breasts, and skin the color of ‘golden chocolate’ (according to Lars).

Her mom was of Vietnamese/African-American descent, and her dad was a tall blond Minnesota boy, and she’d inherited her mom’s exotic skin color, and her dad’s piercing blue eyes. Ani’s face was classic: A small straight nose, big blue eyes, a cute mouth with soft pillowy lips, framed by dark brown hair, that tended to have big soft waves.

Ani controlled the urge to masturbate in the tub. She wanted to use all this pent up sexual energy on Lars when he got home. She got out of the tub, washed her hair in the shower, taking extra long with the lather in her hair, massaging her scalp, and letting the suds flow down her body, occasionally touching herself, stoking the fire, riding the edge of orgasm. She had a complete one-track mind now.

Nothing other than sex was on her mind. Every second, she was thinking of Lars’s strong arms holding her, her hanging on to his strong, muscular shoulders, his big cock sliding inside her… “Stop, stop, stop!” she told herself… “Don’t cum yet.”

She got out of the shower, quickly dried off, and pulled her damp hair into a ponytail. She put on her short white silk robe, and simple white cotton panties. Lars really liked contrasting colors, and the contrast of the white panties against her dark skin drove him mad with desire.

By this time, it was 4:30, and Lars could be home at any time. Ani was still in this meditative state, where all she could think about was her pleasure, Lars’s big cock going in and out of her, slowly, methodically driving her higher and higher.

And then, all of a sudden he was there. She had been looking out the window for him, when she heard the front door open. He walked into the living room, and dropped his bags on the floor. Ani was standing in the middle of the room, wearing just the white silk robe and her white cotton panties. Lars took off his coat, and slowly walked over to her. She turned to face him, and he slowly undid the sash of the robe, and slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

He turned her sideways, so her right shoulder was against his chest, and slipped his middle finger inside the front of her panties, and slowly moved his hand back and forth across her flat belly, with that one finger tantalizingly close to where she wanted it.

He now moved down, his middle finger still the only finger inside the panty, sliding down over her smooth-shaven pubic bone toward her clit, dragging the front of the panties down, and exposing more of that ‘golden chocolate’ skin.

She now felt his other hand sliding down her back and inside the panties, this time the whole hand was inside, and she felt his middle finger in the crack of her ass, slowly sliding down, down, down.

The hand in front had now reached its goal, and he was gently rubbing her clit, all the while starting to nibble her ear-lobe, and kissing her neck. His ‘back’ hand had now made it to her wet pussy, and he quickly slipped his middle finger in there, making Ani gasp.

He moved in and out while rubbing her clit, and kissing the sensitive parts of her neck. Now there were two fingers in her pussy, just making the yearning for the real thing stronger. They didn’t speak.

Their breathing was getting heavier, and also somehow in sync. He removed his fingers from her pussy, and moved backwards to her back door. His now very slick fingers rubbed the outside of her asshole, and slowly started to push more insistently.

When his middle finger pushed past the opening, she whimpered a little. She had dreamed of this all week while she was on the other side of the country.

His middle finger was now well past the second knuckle, and he moved slowly in and out. The feeling of anal penetration, combined with the steady working of the ‘front’ hand was getting her really close.

She had other plans, though, so she whispered “not yet, I’m really close, but I want to wait”.

She turned her back on him, and demonstratively, slowly, slid those white bikini panties, down her long brown legs, bending at the hip as she did so, showing off her perfect round ass-cheeks. Finally, she arched her back, pushing her butt back, opening the cheeks, giving him a view of her pussy and ass.

She lingered there a little, then stood up, strode over to the white sectional sofa and sat down, legs crossed.

“You have way to many clothes on,” she said. “You need to get undressed. Now.”

Lars started working on getting undressed, but he was rushing it. He fumbled with buttons, hopped around to get his socks off, and just threw his clothes everywhere. Finally, he was naked in front of her.

She looked him over. 6’2″, 180lbs, broad, muscular shoulders, a great ass, and 6-pack abs. Short blond hair, blue eyes, a slightly crooked nose, a strong jaw, and a wide mouth that smiled a lot. His cock, which was very hard to ignore right now, stuck out thick and straight in all its 8 1/2 inch glory.

“I want to see,” he said huskily, his eyes piercing into hers. “Please.” He had grabbed his cock, and was slowly stroking himself.

She scooted back on the sofa, and pulled her knees up to her chest. The tops of her thighs brushed against her nipples, that were already standing to full attention. She gave a little gasp at the touch, but kept her cool.

She now started spreading her knees, so her feet were together in front of her, but her knees were to the sides, exposing her wet sex to him. She knew what he wanted. Her hands slowly moved down over her round breasts, once more brushing the nipples, briefly circling her index fingers around them, again stirring her, this time a little moan escaped her.

Her hands started moving down again, over her belly, down to her pussy, where she tantalizingly started spreading herself open. The hot pink of her now fully open pussy against her smooth dark skin drove Lars crazy.


He was stroking his hard cock faster now. She used one hand to keep herself spread wide, and ran her other hand under her leg and started finger-fucking herself, all the while looking at him mischievously. After 2 minutes of this, Lars couldn’t contain himself anymore.

He got on his knees in front of her, wrapped one arm around her back, and pulled her onto his cock in one smooth movement. This tease with her pussy always drove him wild, and he had a hard time containing himself; but it seemed that he had also had some pent up sexual frustrations, and also didn’t want to end prematurely.

So he slowed down his strokes, laid Ani back on the sofa, and moved into missionary. Her knees were back towards her face, and her back was curved, giving Lars full access to her tight little fuckhole. Every time he bottomed out in her pussy, his pubic bone mashed her clit, sending pleasure through her body.

A week without sex was only possible if they were not in the same state, so when it happened, the return was very intense.

Lars kept pounding her until his back ached, and he fell down beside her.

“You on top now,” he said.

She was already halfway there, before he’d completed the sentence. She quickly slipped his cock into her again, and she started grinding against him, all 8 1/2 inches inside her.

His hands grabbed her face and pulled it down to meet his. They kissed hungrily, tongues swirling, moans stifled by the kiss, so they came out as primal grunts. Ani was grinding furiously, still kissing Lars with abandon. Lars’s hands were now on Ani’s breasts, alternately kneading her perfect round tits, and pinching her hard nipples.

This raised her excitement even more, and she sat up straight again, to get better traction as her clit ground into his pubic bone. He knew she wanted to grind harder, so he grabbed her ass, and helped push her harder against him. It only took 10 seconds, and Ani screamed, and started shaking. The orgasm lasted almost a full minute, and she fell onto his chest, his cock still hard and inside her.

After a couple of minutes, he stirred, whispered “my turn”, and gently rolled her next to him.

She ended up on her stomach, which was his plan. She was still cum-drunk, and was pliable, but slow to move, until he fished the bottle of lube out of the secret drawer in the coffee table. She heard the ‘click’ of the cap opening, and she woke out of her slumber.

She was excited for this as well. She grabbed a large throw pillow from the sofa, got up on all fours, put the pillow under her stomach, and put her face back on the couch. Her golden brown skin against the white fabric of the sofa; her perfect ass sticking up in the air, both her openings exposed and ready.

Lars was clearly very excited. She could feel his rock-hard cock slapping against her pussy, while he was rolling the lube bottle in his hands to warm it up just a little, before applying it. He drizzled a good amount right above her sphincter, and as it ran down, he used his finger to get the lube into the right places. He did that twice, then lubed his cock, clicked the cap of the lube bottle back on, and dropped it onto the coffee table.

He now placed his fat, hard erection against her anal opening, and slowly pressed into her. The initial penetration was always a shock. His cock was thick, and her asshole had to stretch a lot to accommodate it. Lars slowly pushed deeper into her, and the shock subsided, and the feeling of being filled took over.

Her hand automatically found her clit as he started to move in and out of her tight asshole, his cock sliding in and out, increasing the pleasure. Her fingers worked on her clit, still a little sensitive from her orgasm just a few minutes ago.

Lars’s pace slowly increased, and his strokes were now all the way to the hilt of his cock. He was deep inside her ass, and it was clearly driving him wild. He was grabbing her hips and pulling her onto his cock as he thrust, increasing the power of the penetration. He slowed down a few times, to extend the pleasure, but after about 10 minutes of pounding buttfucking, Ani came again, causing her sphincter to spasm.

This brought Lars over the edge, so he pulled out, and spurted rope after rope of fat white jizz onto Ani’s ass and back. The white cum against her chocolate skin drove Lars even more wild, and he came harder than he ever thought possible. He collapsed next to Ani. “Welcome home,” he grinned.

After about 15 minutes of lounging on the sofa, Lars wanted to go for a quick run, so they both put on their running gear, cum still all over Ani’s back, and did a quick loop across the Charles and back.

They showered, put on sweats, ordered a pizza and watched a movie. They both fell asleep snuggled together on the sofa. Ani woke up at 11:30pm, rustled Lars out of his deep slumber, and they brushed their teeth, took their sweats off (pajamas are for sleeping alone), and crawled into bed.

Lars woke up with a beam of sunlight hitting his face. As he came to, he realized that what had really awoken him was Ani, burrowing backwards into a spooning position against his stomach.

He stretched his legs a bit so she could get closer. She burrowed into his stomach and crotch, so his sleeping member came to rest between her butt-cheeks. This woke the monster, and his slowly hardening cock was now pushing against her ass-crack.

Pretending to be asleep, she did a little wiggle of her butt, causing the hardening of his cock to go into overdrive. He slowly slipped down her back, to get in position for a quick counter-attack of her pussy.

She followed him down, so he couldn’t get past her cheeks. This kept on happening 3 or 4 more times: he’d shimmy down, and try to position his cock at her opening, but before he’d made it there, she’d shimmy down too.

Breaking the stalemate, he grabbed her hips, pushed her up, so he was where he wanted to be, and pushed in. Ani gasped, and Lars grunted with relief.

Giggling, Ani said “Good morning, lover. Lots to do today”, and she quickly slid off his cock, jumped out of bed, and ran into the bathroom. “Meet me in the shower,” she said in her perkiest voice.

She didn’t have to say that twice.

Lars was out of bed, before the shower was on, and they got into the roomy shower together. The shower was the only thing they had remodeled when they bought the condo. They liked showering together, but the existing shower really didn’t accommodate 2 people. The shower they built was very large for a shower, with several shower heads, and wooden seats at various levels, allowing for all kinds of fun.

Ani wanted to have Lars in her mouth, and the shower had the perfect place for it. A comfortable seat, under one of the shower heads, just at the perfect height for her mouth and his cock. As the steam started to build up, she sat down, leaned her head back against the wall, so she wasn’t going to get waterboarded while he fucked her mouth.

She beckoned him closer, opened her mouth, made her tongue extra wet with saliva, and stuck it out like a soft wet pillow. She felt the dense weight of his big member on her tongue, and then the slow movement into her mouth. She had to open wide to fit his thick pole in her warm, wet mouth. She wanted him all the way down her throat.

She had spent a lot of time learning to control her gag-reflex, and by now she could swallow all of him without a problem. She loved the feeling of him throbbing and moving in and out of her throat.

He started to move more forcefully, and she could feel his cock getting harder in her throat. He wasn’t all the way in yet, so she grabbed his ass with both hands and slammed her head forward, driving the last 3 inches into her mouth and down her throat.

She stayed right there, nose jammed into his pubic bone, cock halfway down her gullet. Lars grunted with pleasure, as she looked up at him. Those big blue eyes, fully enveloped in her desire, made him ravenous with lust.

He grabbed her head, and pulled almost all the way out. Just the head of his cock was in her mouth. They locked eyes again, and he started fucking her throat. Slowly, at first, but gradually he sped up. She let go of his ass, and her fingers went to her sex, one hand rubbing her clit, and the other splitting the duty; two fingers in her pussy, and two in the asshole, moving in and out in sync with Lars’s thrusts.

He was rock hard now, making it harder to go down her throat. He pulled all the way out and said, “I want to see. Please.”

Just as when he asked last night, she knew what he wanted, and she wanted it too.

They moved to a bench, she laid down on her back, her head over the edge, stretching her neck, and opening up her throat for Lars’s attack. This gave him much easier access, and less resistance. He stood right over her, his purple head touching her lips.

She opened wide, and he slid down her throat again. He started fucking her, all the while watching his cock move in and out of her mouth, and creating a bulge in her throat when he bottomed out.

That bulge was a real turn-on for him. Seeing his cock physically move within her body, and stretching her esophagus made him feel a strong, rising lust, making him speed up his assault. As Lars slowly increased his pace, she felt herself rise in a slow, rolling orgasm that seemed to last forever. Her hips flexed as she climaxed, and her body relaxed as she came down from the high.

Lars was ready to blow as well, his pace now furious and deep. He pulled out briefly, to let Ani catch her breath, and quickly slid back in.

This was it: he was going to shoot his fat load all the way down her throat, she could feel him starting to throb; he stopped moving, his cock pushed in her throat to the hilt, her throat bulging, as she felt the throbbing grow stronger, and then she could feel it: long thick spurts of his delicious cum.

After the first two spurts, he pulled halfway out, and delivered four more thick jets of cum into her waiting mouth. She loved feeling him blow his load in her mouth; she loved his cum, salty, sweet, thick and plentiful.

She turned over on the bench, his cock still in her mouth, and started to suck on him. It was like an electric shock to him, and she was rewarded with two more jets of cum. She took him out of her mouth, and made a big deal of swallowing his load, while looking at him with those playful sexy blue eyes.

He looked down at her, and went to the other end of the bench. She turned back onto her back and slid down towards him, so her ass was right on the edge of the bench. He got down on his knees, and draped her legs over his shoulders, so he had full access to her.

He immediately started fingering her, and started lightly kissing her inner thighs, starting on one side, and working his way up her leg, across her stomach, staying away from her aching pussy, and back down the other thigh. He worked this arc, back and forth, slowly moving closer to her buzzing clit, all the while fingering her with middle and ring-finger, massaging her G-Spot relentlessly.

The steam in the shower, and his torturous treatment made her glisten with sweat. As his sweeps with his mouth got closer and closer, she involuntarily bucked her pelvis up to meet his mouth. She missed, but two seconds later his warm mouth and firm tongue was covering her by now positively electric clit.

His tongue slowly made circles right on her clit. Ani lifted her head up, and leaned her upper body up on her elbows, so she could see Lars’s mouth on her mound. He looked straight into her eyes, and started strong, methodical strokes with his tongue, right on her clit.

The buildup had been long, and Ani could feel the orgasm coming from everywhere in her body, and centering in her clit and pussy. She put her feet against the wall, so she could rock a little bit back and forth, increasing and decreasing the pressure of Lars’s tongue against her to make it just right. The fingers in her pussy started pushing harder against her G-spot, and she could feel the double build-up of G-spot and clit come to a crescendo.

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Backdoor Sweetheart


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Balancing a breakfast tray loaded with freshly cooked pancakes in one hand while I opened my bedroom’s door with the other, I couldn’t help by smile broadly as I took in the wonderful sight before me.

Lying on her side in a fetal position facing my way, my sweet Lizzie was still sleeping peacefully, bathed in the mid-morning light. She looked more beautiful than ever, with her long auburn hair spread over my pillow, her pouty lips slightly parted and her generous curves silhouetted against the light streaming in from the window and glimmering on her pale, smooth skin.

“Wow…” I murmured under my breath, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

Not wishing to wake Lizzie up, I quietly walked inside and laid the tray on my nightstand, all the while watching her serene face. A mix of pure affection and excitement buzzed inside me as I approached my lifelong friend, almost-sister and now legit girlfriend. Standing there by the bed, I just kept smiling like a lovestruck fool, my heart beating faster by the second while my hardening cock tented my boxers.

Entranced, I feasted my eyes on the jutting fullness of Lizzie’s naked boobs spilling out of the sheets wrapped messily around her soft curvy body. I was literally salivating as I stared at the puffy pink buds of her nipples pointing at me from the silky, fleshy juiciness of her amazing jugs. After admiring the gentle oscillations of her tits wobbling heavily in time with her steady breathing, my gaze turned to the plump, enticing roundness of Liz’s fabulous ass protruding from under the light blanket covering her lower body.

I was still standing there, caught between the urge to snuggle up with my sweet Lizzie and the wish to just admire her without breaking the perfect peacefulness of her slumber, when a sort of cooing sigh escaped her lips, followed by a yawn.

“Mmhh…” she mumbled, rolling lazily onto her back as her eyelids fluttered open. The moment her big brown eyes met mine, Liz’s lips curled up in a beaming, spontaneous smile. Her gaze was still clouded by sleep and her voice was adorably groggy as she exclaimed: “Russ!”

A laugh of unbidden joy escaped my lips as she pronounced my name. The mix of excitement, glad surprise and sheer love resounding in Lizzie’s voice was heartwarming to say the least.

“Morning, Liz,” I murmured, already leaning in as she stretched her arms out to draw me into her embrace. “Guess what I’ve mmphh!…”

In a moment, her hands were on the sides of my face and I was being pulled down until our mouths met. The feel of Liz’s hot tumid lips clamping onto mine in a deep passionate kiss deleted every thought in my mind. Within seconds, I was lying down beside her with my arms wrapped around her voluptuous naked frame as she hugged me in turn, squeezing me so tightly that the stiffening nubs of her rosy nipples poked into my chest through my T-shirt.

After we broke our voracious lip-lock, Lizzie kept clinging snugly to me, purring contentedly and nuzzling my neck, a huge smile brightening her visage. With one hand resting on her sumptuous bubble-butt and the other busy stroking her sleep-tousled auburn tresses, I eventually resumed: “Sooo, as I was saying…”

“Let me guess…” she interjected, raising her face from the hollow of my shoulder and sniffing around, catching a whiff of freshly cooked food wafting from the tray. “Mmhh breakfast, yay! And it smells really yummy!”

“Let’s just hope it tastes yummy too,” I replied as Lizzie’s unfocused gaze zeroed in on the goodie-laden tray.

“Wait a second, are those…” she said dubiously, squinting her eyes as she leaned toward the nightstand, reaching for her glasses. “Oh my god, Russ!” Liz exclaimed as soon as she could clearly see my modest culinary creation in all its simple yet mouth-watering glory. “You made me chocolate chip pancakes!?”

“I sure did, or at least I tried my best…” I confirmed with a chuckle, basking in Lizzie’s happiness at discovering that I had made her her favorite breakfast. “That’s the only reason I put these clothes on, to be honest. Cooking naked seemed sort of risky, you know.”

Giggling and licking her lips as she got up on her knees and reached for a plate and a fork, thus making her big magnificent tits sway hypnotically side to side, Lizzie commented: “Wow, it really looks as good as the stuff our Moms make! If I didn’t know that today they’re out hiking, I’d say they’re responsible for these.”

I held my breath as I watched Lizzie bring a generous forkful of syrup-dripping pancakes to her mouth and then closing her eyes as she chewed intently. Her appreciative humming and the upturned corners of her lips were good signs, but I had to know for sure.

“So,” I asked, trying to contain my anxiety and failing miserably, “what’s the verdict?”

Gulping down the sugary mouthful as she reopened her soulful brown eyes, Lizzie left me hanging for just another second before saying solemnly: “I’m sorry to tell you this, Russ, but…”

“But!?” I urged her on, nervously.

“But,” she resumed with an impish grin, “you’ll have to make me breakfast many, many more times: these pancakes are totally awesome!”

I was smiling both inside and outside as I savored the sweet taste of Lizzie’s lips pressing urgently onto mine in a swift, needy kiss before she focused entirely on the stack of pancakes before her. Sitting up on the bed facing my beautifully naked girlfriend, I grabbed a fork and the bottle of syrup, ready to dig in too.


As always, Christmas had been a huge family time fest for me, Liz and our Moms. Loyal to tradition, we stuck to our holiday routine of epic board game battles, movie marathons and lots of awesome food.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, all things considered, but at first I was taken aback by how our Moms reacted when Lizzie and I, during Christmas dinner, told them that we were together, as in ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ together.

The announcement was followed by a long moment of silence, during which Lizzie’s Mom and mine shared a knowing look. Then, all of a sudden, they went kind of crazy. Cheering and laughing, they bolted from their chairs and hugged one another and then the two of us in turn, all the while speaking over each other as they chirped about how happy they were for us and how they had always known that we would be perfect together and we would make the cutest couple in the world, and on and on and on.

For a few minutes, while our Moms submerged us with joyful hugs and big smooches and radiant smiles, Liz and I remained bug-eyed and somewhat overwhelmed. Our Moms’ enthusiastic reaction sort of freaked us out at first, but in a good way. After all, they were giving us their blessing and then some, which we were glad for. So, once the initial burst of awkward cheerfulness blew over, we all went back to our usual Christmas mood, with an added sparkle of novelty and excitement in the air.

Funny enough, even though we were now officially allowed to spend the night together as a couple, Lizzie and I didn’t really take full advantage of the situation at first. Late on Christmas Day, stuffed to bursting as we were and still a bit weirded out by the Moms’ ardent approval of our relationship, all we could manage was a slow and giggly make out session while snuggling on Lizzie’s bed, until we slipped into a shared food coma.

The following day, which we spent mostly doing stuff all four of us together as a family, Liz and I waited until early evening before leaving our Moms in front of the TV to do their Homeland catching up. Once we were alone in her room, I was treated to something better than any of the presents I had got for Christmas: a reading of Lizzie’s latest stories, specifically the fantasy erotica she had been working on lately.

As always when Liz read me her stories, I was instantly one hundred percent focused, eagerly drinking in her every word. Still, as I sat beside my sweet Lizzie on her bed listening to her soft soothing voice conjuring up characters and situations born of her fascinating imagination, something felt different. Simply put, what she was reading was hot as hell!

It wasn’t just the sexual tension in the air or the lewd descriptions in the story that made my cock stiffen and strain painfully within my pants. The sheer intimacy and eroticism of being allowed into a whole new part of Liz’s inner world was getting me dizzy with arousal. As excited as I was, I also felt a surge of affection for that beautiful, amazing girl who was opening up to me so completely, revealing her most private writings and, in so doing, demonstrating her absolute trust in me. Needless to say, that made me love her even more than I already did.


The trembling note in her voice, not to mention the frequent sidelong glances she shot at me and the way she anxiously bit her succulent lips every now and then, confirmed to me that Liz too was getting turned on more and more as her reading progressed. By the end of the second chapter of her saga about the naughty incestuous elven twins loosely based on us, both Lizzie and I were breathing hard and squirming with horniness.

“So,” Lizzie asked with a half-nervous and half-teasing smile, all flushed and dopey-eyed with arousal as she adjusted her glasses and turned to face me, “what do you think, Russ?”

I barely managed to blurt out that her story was great before we fell into each other’s arms and started kissing rabidly, our lips smashing together and our tongues pushing avidly into one another’s mouth.

In the blink of an eye, we tore our clothes off as if they were on fire and tumbled naked onto the bed. Instinctively, we went straight for the other’s sex, rolling head to toe until we were locked in a steamy sixty-nine.

Lying on my back with Liz sitting on my face, I glued my lips to her smooth juice-gleaming pussy, aching to taste her. Her husky sigh of delight swiftly faded into a lewd slurping noise as Lizzie dipped her head down and took my raging boner into her mouth. As the liquid heat of her eager oral cavity enveloped my cock, my lips started kissing her nectar-glossy labia more intensely, my tongue swiping and whirling in a flurry all over her swollen pink clit. While I ate her out with gusto, covetously running my hands all over the glorious curve of her fleshy round asscheeks, I was soon trembling from the immense pleasure that Liz’s dick-worshiping mouth was giving me.

With her soft suctioning lips stretched around my thick length, Lizzie bobbed her head furiously up and down my pole, inhaling my veiny boner in a series of reckless plunges that allowed my bloated glans to slide all the way into her gullet at every pass. The sloppy gagging sounds of her incredible deepthroating blowjob and her lustful moans were just as heady as the feel of her warm saliva-slick oral cavity engulfing my dickmeat and of her wet lips gliding up and down my shaft in a relentless cocksucking rhythm.

Kneading and squeezing and fondling her majestic bubble-butt, I tried to focus on eating Lizzie’s pussy out to the best of my ability, determined to give back as much pleasure as I was receiving. Somehow, the increased intensity of my snatch-munching seemed to egg her on in turn. As I moaned into Liz’s delicious virgin slit, licking and lapping and drinking down every drop of her drooling nectar, she blew me like her life depended on it, fucking her own face on my cock ever more desperately.

Even though no words were spoken, except for my pussy-muffled grunts and the choked spluttering sounds coming from her dick-clogged throat, it was soon implicitly understood that Lizzie and I had turned that sixty-nine into a sort of lascivious and insanely pleasurable contest. It also became quickly obvious, to me at least, that I was going to lose in no time.

With the sweet taste of her juices saturating my tongue, the bouncy perfection of her soft plump rump filling my hands and her hot cock-hungry mouth inhaling my throbbing pole, I didn’t have to make too many calculations to realize that I would cum way before I could bring Lizzie off. My balls were already tingling and my shaft was pulsing in pre-orgasmic joy deep inside Liz’s gullet, so I was pretty much resigned to just accept the sweet ‘defeat’ looming over me. Then, suddenly, it hit me: I hadn’t played my trump card yet! I almost laughed into Liz’s nectar-soaked folds as I realized that I could still ‘win’ our naughty oral duel.

Sliding back a bit to prop my head on the pillow and get a better angle, I sank my fingers in the fabulous plumpness of Lizzie’s bubble-butt and parted her luscious asscheeks nicely open, revealing the tiny pink rosebud of her butthole. As close as I was to cumming inside her mouth, I still took a moment to bask in the sight of Liz’s adorable little sphincter. My head spun as I watched her delicate forbidden orifice winking and twitching before me in all its horny, puckered glory. It was just a second though, then I set to work.

Straining not to ejaculate just yet, I unclasped my mouth from Lizzie’s pussy and buried my face between the smooth meaty globes of her asscheeks, clamping my lips onto her crinkled rubbery rosebud. Liz let out a strangled gasp the moment I began rimming her out like there was no tomorrow, suckling and kissing the tender outer edges of her anus while I lapped and licked the miniature opening of her asshole into capitulation. Though she still held my cock buried balls-deep in her throat, Lizzie was so blindsided by my abrupt analingual assault that she couldn’t keep up her devastating bobbing tempo on my shaft, thus allowing me a few precious seconds of reprieve.

Excited and caught by surprise, with her backdoor already tingling and swiftly drenched in my spittle, Lizzie could do nothing but moan in cock-muffled bliss around my boner as I poked my tongue inside her delicate little orifice and started wiggling my way in, pushing as deep as I could into her twitching butthole. Within moments, Lizzie was rocking urgently back and forth, trying to force more of my tongue into her ass. Overwhelmed as she was by my sudden rimjob, she stopped actively sucking me off, but she stubbornly kept nursing on my throat-clogging pole, slobbering and suckling and pleasuring my aching cockmeat within her wet, warm mouth.

As I tongue-fucked Liz’s sensitive asshole with abandon, her obvious appreciation of my butt-munching attentions boosted my libido even more, egging me lustfully on. I waited just a few moments more before I reached my shaking hand to her nectar-slick clit and started rubbing away. That did it. Within seconds, my sweet Lizzie was cumming spectacularly, her scrumptious nectar drenching my fingers and dripping onto my face. All through her climax, she let out a series of sloppy dick-muted gagging mewls while making frantic swallowing motions with her gullet, intensifying the cozy caress of her oral cavity around my shaft and milking me amazingly.

The sensory overload I got from feeling, tasting and hearing all that pleasure at once was just too much for me. With the warm confines of her spit-flooded mouth and slippery throat squeezing my length as her pulsating little asshole clenched and unclenched uncontrollably around my probing tongue, I buried my face as deep as possible between the smooth, soft globes of my sweet Liz’s asscheeks and came with her, blasting a torrential spray of cum straight down her gullet.

Blown away as I was by my orgasm, I still persistently munched on Lizzie’s cute gummy butthole while she sloppily suckled on my spurting cock, greedily swallowing my abundant load as I kept pumping rope after thick rope of milky cum into her stomach. While our climaxes burned through us, just a squishy muffled cacophony of choking and slurping sounds could be heard in the room, the relative outward quiet belying the pleasurable detonations wracking Liz’s body and mine.

It took a while before we finally came down from our highs and languidly disentangled our entwined bodies. As soon as we broke our sixty-nine, Liz turned and rolled close to my side, snuggling into my embrace and purring contentedly as she nuzzled my neck. Her huge juicy boobs were squashed against my chest as she draped a smooth thigh over my chubby, saliva-gleaming cock. Looking into my eyes, Lizzie let out a satisfied sigh before she lazily spoke.

“So, Russ,” she cooed, a thin smile dancing on her cum-glossy lips, her big brown eyes still lust-glazed behind her glasses, “I guess you really, really like my smutty stories, uh?”

I could only laugh and hold her as tight as possible in response, pressing my mouth to hers in a deep, loving soulkiss.


Following that first oral duel, Lizzie and I added a new favorite pastime to our holiday activities. Whenever we were home and not spending time with our Moms, we retreated to her bedroom or mine to read more of her erotica and suck each other off like crazy.

Even though we had never been competitive in any way, the silly and yet extremely sexy challenge of making the other cum first while locked in a sixty-nine really grew on us. Lizzie especially gave her very best each time, pushing the ability of her exquisite lips and hot suctioning mouth to the limit. It felt heavenly to get deep-throated by a lust-high Liz and then send spurt after creamy spurt splashing down her dick-clenching gullet, all the while listening to her gagging around my girthy boner and slurping voraciously as she gobbled down my cum like she was starved for it.

Still, as incredible as Lizzie’s blowjobs were, I won pretty much every time we played our little sucking game. It wasn’t that hard, really: I only had to remove my tongue from her engorged clit and start licking and probing at her ever-horny little anus to tilt the ‘match’ in my favor. It was crazy how sensitive Lizzie’s cute pink rosebud was, and how much pleasure she got from having it played with. She halfheartedly complained once about the fact that my eating her butthole out like that could sort of qualify as cheating, but she was horrified when I jokingly asked if I should stop doing it. So, once that little ambiguity in the ‘rules’ was clarified, I kept at it.

One time, catching me totally by surprise, Liz suddenly upped the ante by wrapping her massive boobs around my saliva-coated shaft while nursing on my glans. That unexpected tit-fuck almost made me cum instantly, but I managed to hold back and renew my rimming efforts on her twitching asshole, until victory was mine again. Well, theoretical victory at least: the epic orgasms Lizzie unfailingly experienced during our competitive sixty-nines were obviously more than making up for the fact that she was ‘losing’ each game.

Weirdly enough, even though tongue-fucking Liz’s adorable little rosebud was not as mind-blowingly awesome as actually sodomizing her, I was still very satisfied to see how spectacularly I could make her cum relying only on my analingual skills. As much as I lusted after her beautiful plump ass, knowing that she was sort of embarrassed to do more serious stuff while our Moms were around, I didn’t pressure Lizzie into buttfucking for the time being, choosing to enjoy our naughty oral challenges instead.

One afternoon, as we rushed upstairs to my room to read more of her erotic stories as a warm up for another intense sucking session, Lizzie suddenly stopped in her tracks and hugged me super tight. Brushing her lovely face against mine before kissing me passionately, she giggled and blushed as she whispered that, with all the rimming and tongue-fucking I was giving her, she was dying to feel my cock deep inside her asshole. As my chubby boner stiffened to full hardness at those words, Liz added that she didn’t trust herself to have anal sex at the moment, because she was sure she’d scream way too loud and she didn’t want our Moms to hear her yelling out for me to wreck her ass.

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Taming Sally


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There are key moments in life which, when looked back on, change your direction and perspective completely.

The seminar which Sally was contracted to cover certainly changed her life, but in the most unexpected way.

Sally was a 24 year old free lance journalist writing for magazines like Hello and FHM and occasional items for the local radio and newspapers when this story took place.

Nottingham born in 1980, she was brought up since she was 12 years old by her grandparents on her Dad’s side after her mum and dad were killed in a car crash in 1992. Despite this traumatic childhood she has become a level headed and intelligent woman. Her mother’s parents were Hong Kong Chinese and the physical blend of European and Asian has produced a very beautiful young lady indeed.

She looks a lot like a tiny Phoebe Cates being only 5ft tall with straight shiny black hair, but naturally slim and athletic. She has brown eyes and an oriental creamy coloured skin. She’s never been short of boyfriends as she has the kind of looks that makes lads go weak at the knees and immediately fall in love with her.

At the time that this episode in her life took place she was in a relationship with John, an older married man from Beeston near Nottingham. The sex with him was great and he knew how to treat her in bed and she loved the intimate attention. He had that happy knack of making her feel very special and loved. The only thing he ever asked her to do was to have a Brazilian waxing on her pussy on regularly which he was more than happy to pay for. She was Ok with this and quite liked the feel of satin knickers on her bare pussy.

One thing was obvious to Sally that he was never going to leave his wife for her and Sally really did not want settle down etc just yet anyway. Their purely sexual relationship suited her nicely thankyou. She was free to do what she wanted and could always rely on him to give her a good fucking whenever she wanted.

Sally had graduated from university with a 1st Class honours degree in English and was lucky enough to walk straight into a journalism post at a features magazine. She’s a typical modern young woman in that she knows what she wants and she went self employed just over a year before this all happened to her, allowing her to travel quite a bit around the world and get more money as well. Sally’s a very self assured woman normally and she’s usually in charge of her destiny but she was certainly not in control, in fact she was totally unable to control what eventually happened to her during these eventful times.

The story really starts on Friday 11th June 2004.

She was contracted by a National Sunday newspaper to do a report on a seminar about “Pornography and the Media in Britain” which intrigued her as she’d no real experience of the subject other than the occasional porn sites on the Internet which she and John looked at from time to time. She used to experiment with John after watching some of the sex videos and she found it enlightening and sexually stimulating. Unfortunately John could not measure up to some of the studs on the screen and tended to come rather quickly as he got so worked up. It never really bothered her as she was happy with the orgasms she enjoyed with him.

Sally really didn’t know what to expect from her trip, but she was curious as she booked an overnight stay at the hotel in London’s Soho where the seminar was taking place and when she arrived in the early afternoon she dropped her case in her well-appointed room. She freshened up and went down to the conference room just in time for the seminar’s start at around 3pm.

The Chairman of the meeting opened the event with a short speech and a few people took the platform to air their biased views on pornography. Sally thought most of it was “bollocks” until a good looking guy in a loose fitting suit took the platform and immediately Sally recognised him from her time at university and she started to pay attention. He was Professor David Robinson, a professor of human biology from her university in Nottingham. She’d had quite a crush on him at the time, but that was as far as their acquaintance went. He was now about 40 and very trim with broad shoulders.

As he was about to start his presentation and whilst he was looking around the room she caught his eye. He looked somewhat longer at her and returned her gaze, obviously with some recognition, which made Sally’s heart flutter. David had made a mental note to speak to her afterwards.

His presentation was very clever and he used two very pretty girls to work a digital projector, which shone images on a large screen behind him. Sally was sure that she recognised them both as fellow students at Nottingham as well. David started his speech by getting right down to the basic points.

“Sex is the most natural act performed by every animal on earth to re-create their species. We humans are no different but can enjoy so much more than other animals. We have the mental ability to enhance that pleasure but, for various reasons in history, we have tried to hide the act from public view. We have created a squalid, tainted public view of what people, so naturally, enjoy and spend much of their lives thinking about.” Sally was taking notes and trying to concentrate.

He then shocked everyone all by showing a naked girls and men in various stages of the sex act as the Professor explained in graphic detail what is legal and illegal under the restrictive almost naive laws of Britain. Sally smiled at this style of presentation. “It’s designed to shock” she thought. He continued by showing a limp penis, then a picture of the same penis fully erect. Sally was rather taken aback as the man on screen was obviously very well endowed indeed. Much, much bigger than Sally had ever enjoyed. Once again no face showing.

The presentation continued in this way for a while as he explained the hypocrisy of the pornography laws and the silly rules, which caused so many problems. Pictures were flashed up briefly of a couple having sex, firstly, with no genitals showing then the same couple with everything in full view. Sally noticed in the short time it was on the screen how much the man’s erection stretched the girl’s pussy.

After his presentation Sally looked around the room and there were other people like her were in various stages of embarrassment but most people were applauding a brilliant presentation. He’d made a very strong case for limited legalisation of public access to the most normal activity of having sex. The chair of the meeting made a suitable closing speech and the seminar ended at around 5pm.

They all trooped out and Sally found herself right behind the Professor as they reached the foyer. She touched his arm to attract his attention and, as he turned round, she congratulated him on his presentation. He looked straight into her eyes and then looked her up and down. Sally felt very strange, as he seemed to mentally undress her with just his gaze. Her heart fluttered as she looked back at him. “Thank-you, er—Sally,” he said looking at her I/D badge. “Yes that’s it – Sally. I thought I recognised you. It was at Nottingham Uni a few years ago wasn’t it? Would you like a drink?” he asked and she nodded “Karen and Angie will join us in a moment once the gear is packed away.” Even his two handed handshake had a strangely erotic feel. He almost caressed her hand which was very sexy.

David bought a round of drinks and they managed to find a table near the window looking out towards the BT tower when Karen and Angie joined them. They were both about Sally’s age but around 5ft 6″ tall with lovely figures that clearly showed through their stylish and expensive trouser suits. Both were natural blondes with lightly tanned complexions. David informed them that Sally had been at Uni at the same time as them, although neither girl could really remember her as they were on different courses and their paths hadn’t crossed too often.

“I’m doing a report on the seminar and the porn industry for a big Sunday newspaper and you seem to be the key to my piece?” Sally blurted out without taking a breath. “Would you be willing to give me more information about your involvement?”

Karen gave her a nice smile and nodded to the others. “Go on then. Fire away Sally; what do you want to know?” “What’s your connection with the pornography industry as you seem well versed in the laws and you seem to have access to some very candid photos?” she asked them as a group.

The three of them looked at each other and sorted of nodded in agreement. “Angie, David and I actually produce erotic films, or porno films if you like to use that term,” said Karen straight out. “We take part in many of the films ourselves and we’ve all been fucked and had orgasms on film. We make films about people enjoying sex, rather than false, meaningless, choreographed porn, soap opera stuff that’s normally found on Internet films etc. We, and all the others which help us, enjoy our work and get well paid as for doing it.”

Sally must have had her mouth open as she tried to take in Karen’s candidness and what she had said, for David laughed at her demeanour. “Have we shocked you Sally? Was that not quite what you expected perhaps?” he asked with a broad smile which she found quite disconcerting as he was looking at her in that piercing way again which made her quite nervous but made her slightly excited as well. She tried to answer at the same time as her mind was conjuring up visions of them having sex.

“I must admit I hadn’t guessed that you actually starred in the films but I felt that you must be involved in the production side somewhere,” she stammered. Even as she was saying that, it suddenly dawned on Sally that the naked bodies she’d seen on the screen during the seminar could have been them. All she could think of was that lovely big erection and she stared down at David’s groin area with that vision in her mind. “Those pictures on the screen earlier,” she stumbled to get her words out, “were they pictures of you?” She felt quite distracted as her imagination was going into overdrive now. “Yes. We thought if we used our own images then there would be no copyright issues with some of our other stars,” said Angie quite openly. “Did you like what you saw then Sally darling?


They’d done it again and she was almost lost for words as her mind went back to David’s erection. “I thought they were beautiful,” she managed to stammer.

Karen saw Sally’s discomfort and decided to carry on. “Angie came up with the idea of making our own films after she and I had a threesome with David when we were back at Uni about 4 years ago.” As Sally’s eyes moved back to David’s groin as Karen was speaking and then looked up at his face and she was embarrassed to see him looking straight at her again with that knowing half smiling look of his. She blushed strongly as he had surely seen where she’d been looking.

“What’s so different about your films then,” Sally asked rather sheepishly, getting quite distracted under the constant attention from David’s eyes.

“The films are for women rather than just men. Also we don’t fake anything. The girls in our films all have real orgasms and no acting. The man must bring the girl off before he can even think of coming himself. This works brilliantly and our girls enjoy real sex rather than something put-on or staged.” said Angie with an almost wistful shine in her eyes.

“We use all manner of different sex aids to enhance the pleasure for the girl, and use bondage a lot as the girls seem to really get off on it. We’ve got some brilliant footage of girl’s faces and bodies as the orgasms erupt and they are unbelievably erotic. There is something very special about a woman in orgasm you know Sally? Their look of pure animal ecstasy is unique to a woman. If her orgasm is well induced by her lover, then her whole body shudders and some girls ejaculate, just like men.”

“David here is really brilliant at bringing a girl to orgasm and we’ve both enjoyed his skill many times,” said Karen looking lovingly at David who finally looked away from Sally and returned her loving glance.

Sally was by now getting quite turned on and was starting to shake as her mind raced with all this explicit information and she looked around to see if anyone was overhearing them. No-one seemed to be taking any notice as she turned back to Karen.

“Have you a video that I could look at or borrow? There’s a VCR in my hotel room,” she asked quietly but the tremor in her voice gave away the fact that she really wanted to see the action. “I’d be happy to buy one so I can write a report on one of your films,” she managed to carry on despite the rising excitement inside her. She sounded almost desperate and she was visibly shaking now and the three of them could see it.

“I think we can do better than that Sally. Do you still live in Nottingham?” Sally nodded. “Good. We’re based in the Park area of the city and we want to start another film as soon as we can after we get back. Why don’t you join us and you’ll be able to see for yourself what it’s all about OK?” Angie said quietly and Sally was lost for words for a second. Her mind was racing and her shakes got worse as she realised, almost in disbelief, that she was being invited to watch people being filmed having sex.

“We’re hoping to try out a new girl from Nottingham who’s absolutely beautiful and has real potential and we’re fairly sure that she’s up for it,” said David looking at Angie and Karen with what could only be described as a knowing smile.

Sally took a deep breath trying to recover her composure, as she explained that she was staying overnight in London but would it be all right to look them up tomorrow when she got back around lunch time.

“Sally; we’re looking forward to it and we hope to give you an insight as to how the business really works and you’ll have an in-depth experience to write about. OK?” said Angie, and that knowing look went between them again; but Sally didn’t pick up on it.

They exchanged mobile numbers and Sally left for her room where she spent a very fitful night, with all the thoughts of what she was going to witness tomorrow, going through her mind constantly. She was imagining how she would cope watching these lovely people having sex. She was turned on now just thinking about it.

She arrived back in Nottingham at about midday and went straight home. After her night’s sleep, she’d had a few doubts about whether to go through with visiting them when her mobile rang, startling her out of her day-dream. It was Karen checking where she was and what time would she be coming over as they were ready to start as soon as she arrived. Sally’s mind was made up for her and she started to get excited again.

She showered changed into a sleeveless black dress which flared from the waist to the hem half way up her shapely legs and she wore no tights as it was a lovely warm Saturday afternoon. Sally left her coat at home and set off on the short trip with just had a little handbag with her.

Though it was not a long journey she was quite wary, as Nottingham is not the safest place for a pretty girl on her own, so Sally decided to catch the new tram so far and then walk though the city centre into the Park estate. She was very impressed indeed when she got to their house. It was a large Victorian detached house set in its own grounds overlooked by Nottingham Castle. “It must have cost an absolute fortune in the centre of the city,” she thought as she rang the doorbell, feeling quite nervous.

Karen answered the door and threw her hands up and squeaked as she lunged forward and gave Sally a kiss full on the lips which surprised her a bit, but she just assumed that they did things like that all the time anyway in their business. “I’m really glad you’re here sweetheart. Come in, we’re all ready for you,” bubbled Karen, sounding really excited.

“Do you all live here Karen?” she asked. “We sure do,” Karen replied. “It makes it easier when we need to work.”

They went inside through the large entrance hall and straight ahead through a large lounge to a room marked “Studio” and Sally immediately saw recording equipment and various cameras on stands. Angie was working on them as they came in and as they walked in she stopped and almost ran over to kiss Sally in just the same way as Karen had, which Sally found slightly disconcerting as she’d only ever been kissed like that by men before.

The cameras were all pointing into the centre of the room. There was a red leather padded board about 18″ wide and 6ft long attached to a stainless steel box frame which intrigued her as she went over to look closer. The board seemed to be in two halves hinged half way along. In the four corners of the frame were steel uprights with chains attached and on the end of each chain was a padded strap which Sally was looking at.

Karen saw her staring and said “That’s our stage today Sally love. That’s where you’ll witness what we do all close up and personal, the best fucking you’ve ever experienced!” as Karen grinned and gave her a quick hug. “I presume you’ve never been tied up before Sally love?” and Sally suddenly remembered about the bondage they’d mentioned in the bar. “No I haven’t,” she stammered. “When you’re really involved in it, you’ll love it Sally. Trust me. Trust is what it is all about. You just have to relax and leave it all to us for we know what we’re doing.”

Anyway she hardly had time to think about what Karen had said before Angie, now back across the room at the console, smiled at Sally.

“Are you ready darling because we are?”

Sally saw David come out of an en-suite wearing just a bright red thong which just about covered his manhood. Sally’s heart skipped a beat as she eyed up his wonderful body and especially the large bulge in his thong. She could see that even when not aroused he was a well-endowed man indeed. He had very broad shoulders and strong arms and legs but was not over-muscled. He had quite a bit of body hair but not too much. He kept what little hair he had left on his head, very short, which covered up for his bald spot. He must have been around 6ft tall and Sally could hardly keep her eyes off him. “Wow, what a man!” she thought to herself as she kept staring at the tiny thong which hardly left anything to the imagination. She realised that very soon that thong was going to be removed and that beautiful weapon of his would be revealed to her.

Karen went over the join Angie and, as she had already done the setting up, they were ready to start.

David came over to Sally by the frame and stood next to her looking lovingly down at her. “Ready Sally?” said Angie. Sally nodded as Angie called “ACTION”.

“This was it!” thought Sally as her heart was going at a tremendous rate. She’d never watched anybody having sex before and she was shaking at the thought. Sally was looking over to the room where David had just come from looking for the new girl that David had mentioned yesterday and when no-one came out it suddenly dawned on her what was happening. She was the new girl. “Oh Jesus!” she cried out.

She felt David’s hand on hers. “Sally, don’t worry it’ll be wonderful. Please be my co-star?” Sally was dumbstruck as she took in what she’d just been asked but she had no time to answer as David took her head in his hands and kissed her hard and passionately on the lips, his tongue exploring hers as she returned his kiss. He certainly knew how to kiss a woman she thought as their embrace became even more passionate. The feel of his near naked body was so consuming she almost forgot where she was as she let her hands roam over his bare torso. She had this almost uncontrollable urge to touch his bulging penis inside its cover but events overtook her.

The girls obviously knew what David had planned and were busy filming. David had already taken her silence as a positive answer and with her reaction to his kisses, he pulled slowly away running his hands all the way down her sides and legs to her feet where he lifted each foot in turn and removed her shoes.


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Anal Summer


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I followed my usual routine at the gym. During my workout, I couldn’t shake off the encounter I’d just had with Kate. She and I met in the hallway of Madison’s condo building, and she happened to be Madison’s upstairs neighbor. Kate had made it known to me that she could hear Madison and me having sex, which churned up mixed feelings of embarrassment and erotic excitement in me. My new enjoyment of shame was a growing feeling of exhibitionism, and I was both mortified and turned on all at once.

Kate had told me intimate details about the dirty talk that Madison and I had engaged in, details that were true. And Kate had indeed heard everything, because Madison hadn’t had the chance to tell her. With the millions of dollars spent turning that old industrial building into luxury condos, you’d think that soundproofing would be a given, I mean, how could any contractor overlook such a basic detail? Well, it seemed the newest, swankiest condos in the old neighborhood had a dirty little secret: Sound carried very well-too well!

Kate was beautiful and sexy, and she had an incredible body. She was already a desirable element in my proximity, and now she knew I was having sex with her friend and neighbor. She knew we watched porn together; she knew I liked to talk dirty and liked to be talked dirty to; she knew we engaged in fucking, sucking and masturbation. And most of all, she knew Madison took my cock up her ass regularly. I just hoped she didn’t know how much I enjoyed Madison’s finger up my ass when I came.

Perhaps she was intrigued. Maybe she wanted to join us. Wow! What a thought that was! Imagine, two hot women at once! Kate could sit on my face while Madison rode my rigid prick, and then they could switch! Meanwhile, I was getting an erection, and the loose fitting gym shorts I was wearing wouldn’t be much of a help in hiding it. I had to talk myself down and get rid of that erection before anyone saw it.

The gym was busy, and there was someone waiting to use my bench. Just do another set, and your hard-on will go away, I thought, so I did as my subconscious said. I’d been doing bench presses and was almost done, but doing ten more reps did the trick, and I was able to get my dick to go flaccid.

Then I heard a familiar female voice say, “I’ll bet that was really hard.” Breathing in, I looked up to see Joanne, a woman I knew, looking down at me. I was hoping she was referring to my bench pressing and not my manhood. “Yeah, but I got the set done somehow,” I answered, hoping my fear was just groundless paranoia.

Joanne just stared. “It was impressive,” she finally said in her flirtatious way. I wasn’t really sure what she was referring to and was afraid to pursue the conversation. It was awkward, first, because Joanne was a friend of my mother’s, but mostly because she and I had been secretly fucking for a few months before I met Kerry. Of course, that was a little detail we both hid from my mother. Joanne and my mom worked together as waitresses at “The Mediterranean,” a famous restaurant in the old neighborhood. The place was an institution known and loved by tourists and natives alike.

Joanne was a divorced mother of two and didn’t do a very good job of hiding the fact that she was lonely and horny as hell. The talk in the old neighborhood was how Joanne had taken to sucking off her male co-workers for fun. I think in truth she had a few one night stands with some of the young, handsome waiters at The Mediterranean. I even heard she’d fucked two guys at once, but I wasn’t sure if it was true or just something the rumor mill cranked out. I could easily picture her happily deep throating some guy’s tube steak, still dressed in her black waitress uniform, however, and that sexualized her for me. I’d often wished I could be one of those men Joanne used sexually to fill the void in her life.

While she was just okay looking as far as her face was concerned, her body more than made up for that. It was built for sex, tall with nice breasts, but my favorite part was her ass, as I’m sure you guessed by now. Seeing Joanne at the gym in skintight Spandex was always a guilty pleasure of mine. There was something dark and sexy about her bolstered by her playful, cock teasing ways. She liked to flirt with me when my mother wasn’t around, and at the gym she would say things like, “Oh, my, you are looking super hunky,” or “I wish I was your age,” while she groped at my chest and arms. She was always touching or caressing my shoulders and neck, giving me long, lustful stares and winks. At first I thought she was just being nice, but it did cause me to think and have fantasies of a forbidden fling between the two of us.

Then Joanne started telling me things like, “I’ve been so lonely since the divorce that I can’t get to sleep at night.”

I playfully suggested she get a teddy bear to cuddle up with, but Joanne, never missing a chance to turn the conversation a little bit risque, looked at me with a naughty smile and said, “Well, I was thinking about getting a toy, but a teddy bear wasn’t what I had in mind.” When she spoke, she drew out her words slowly, animating her lips and tongue in a show of oral control.

I let out a nervous chuckle. Her display had been intentional, to to tease me and make me hard. It worked, and she knew it. Any man in that position would immediately think of those lips and tongue expertly working over his dick. Well, I knew it was no secret that Joanne was very talented when it came to sucking penises, but I kept in mind that was the impression she wanted to give.

After that incident and the talk of toys I ran home from the gym to masturbate to the thought of Joanne peeling off her Spandex for me. I would have licked her sweaty cunt and asshole clean, then I would plow her ’til we both came. That fantasy masturbation session produced one of the most amazing heart-stopping orgasms I had ever had and one of the largest wads of come I had ever shot. However I remember the weird, guilty feeling I had when I was done jerking off. I was now ashamed of myself and promised to never jerk off to the thought of Joanne ever again.

It became clear that going all the way and fucking her should not happen. I knew that even if I got the chance I should pass on it. My instincts told me if I felt guilt jerking off to the thought of her, I would feel even worse if I actually fucked her. After all, she was my mother’s friend. That in itself would be strange, not to mention she was a single mother of two. At that point I had never fucked a pussy that had borne children. I wondered if it would feel the same. All of those things put into perspective and all the forethought about Joanne being forbidden fruit didn’t stop my lower head from overruling me. Against my better judgment, I had a brief sexual affair with her on the sneak.

The fact that it was a secret made it all the more fun. I guess it worked for me erotically because, like anal sex, the affair was interdicted. Joanne and I would act as if it was just us flirting and jesting one another but we both secretly were itching to act on all the joke offers and comic innuendos.

It took a while to come to reality because I still lived at home, and if Joanne and I were together it would be easy for anyone to figure out. So we needed fortuitous circumstances to fall into place. We had teased one another to set up hookup points and even joked of getting a room out of town, but unforeseen obstacles would always jump into the path of our rendezvous, usually Joanne thinking better of it and playing it off as if it were all a flirtatious tomfoolery.

It seemed we were always just joking, and I wasn’t really 100 percent sure if Joanne was serious, but the opportunity finally arose when Joanne was moving. She was a victim of the old neighborhood’s change. Some rich new person had bought the building where she was renting. Joanne had to find a new apartment.

When it came time to physically move her belongings, my mother, being her friend from work and not at all imagining the idea of anything steamy between Joanne and me, volunteered me. I helped carry mostly boxes of stuff since the furniture was already gone. Once everything had been placed in Joanne’s new apartment, she suggested that we have a drink somewhere.

Being under 21 at the time limited things, of course. Joanne bought us a twelve pack of beer at the liquor store, and we drove in her car to a little place called “no man’s land” by people in the old neighborhood. It was a deserted dead-end street that bordered an old, abandoned fishing pier on the far end of town, and if anybody kept driving straight they would land in the harbor. No man’s land had two things going for it: It was secluded enough to drink a beer or smoke a joint and there was also the harbor view.

We sat and drank beer and looked at the reflection of the moon shimmering on the waves.

Like most, after a beer or two I had to urinate, so I excused myself I found one of the many dark corners of no man’s land to pee in. When I returned to the passenger’s side of the front seat, Joanne asked, “Hey, where did ya go?”

“I thought I told you… to pee.”

“I know, but you hid in a corner.”


“Well, I thought I was finally going to get a glimpse of your bald-headed warrior.” She then burst into laughter.

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

“Oh, well…” she said with fake disappointment.

‘We do have more beer, chances are I’ll have to go again,” I teased through a devious smile.

“Ewww! Do you really think I want to watch you take a piss? Yuck! I was kidding.”

“So was I.”

“I know. Now, get back in. It’s cold.”


“My ex and I used to watch porn together, and one time he got this one movie where the performers took turns pissing on each other.” She made a dissatisfied face and shook her head. “I’m not judging anyone … it’s just not for me.” I realized it was a detail that she wished she had kept secret. We talked openly about sex in the past, and she would tell me about her ex, and sometimes would tell me things about their sex life. But this time she was telling me something about her sex life in order to let me know that she wasn’t serious about watching me pee just to get a peek at my manhood. She let this bone out of her closet and handed it to me, rather than have me misunderstand her and think she was into something that exotic.

Did that mean she actually cared what I thought about her? Did Joanne seriously want to see me naked, or better yet, did she really want to fuck me?

“Okay, okay,” I said, once seated in the passenger seat with the door closed. “How often did you guys watch dirty movies?” A true inquiry, I loved porn and wanted to see more of it, and never having been in a long-term relationship and wanting to know the secrets the average couple would keep. What was the norm and what was on the edge, but I also wanted to get sex onto her mind.


I wanted our conversation to be of sexual nature. I enjoyed talking about sex with Joanne.

we had risque talks in the past and I had always enjoyed them. It was a way for me to get a cheap thrill. Those conversations laced with flirting and innuendo stirred me up. I would always play it cool and be try to appear nonchalant about it, but I really got off on it. Still, there was also the motive in it for me, thinking that if our steamy little chats could lead to Joanne getting as horny as I secretly did during those conversations. That maybe it would lead to something more.

The desired results were finally achieved, but not before my question took us on a detour down a sad path for her. “Who? Watch dirty movies with who?… You mean my ex?”

“Yeah … is that something married couples do often?”

“Yes, and we did it whenever he wanted to… I did whatever he wanted …when we were in bed, our finances, about how to raise the girls, I did it all, everything he wanted, because I wanted him to be happy…because I loved him and… and still do.”

It sounded like she was fighting back tears, both from the still open wound and from that melancholy feeling that alcohol sometimes brings.

Joanne was getting buzzed from the beer and getting emotional about being divorced and having to move. She leaned into me, wanting some contact. I had hugged her before in support of her emotions, and I guess we had a weird touchy-feely thing going on, but we’d never crossed the line.

I thought it was mostly platonic and acted as if it were, but secretly I think we both loved the feel of each others embrace.

It may have been her sadness, or she may have just wanted to feel good again that night.

Whatever it was, when I hugged her, we held each other a little longer than usual. My cheek brushed hers. I hesitated. Could it be? I thought.

This is weird, I thought.

This is a friend of your mother’s; she flirts to be nice; am I getting the wrong impression? I thought. I was frozen for a second. What if I kiss her and I’m wrong? Would she slap me and go tell my mother?

But then she would have to explain why she was down in no man’s land drinking beer and snuggling with her son. Worst case, she would pull away and say no and keep the secret between us. However, the best case might mean I could finally discharge all the come that my testicles had brewed up from her tempting me. So, after all the flirting and touching , the sexually-tinged conversations and her all out cock-teasing, I figured I had earned a pass.

If I tried to kiss her, she would have to take her own actions into account.

I mustered my courage, leaned over put my mouth to hers, and just like that we started kissing. Still, it was a bit strange. This was a friend and my mom’s co-worker. I think she was 38 at the time, close to my mom’s age. It felt surreal, and it was surprising. But I guess all the flirting and touching between us made me want her even if I wouldn’t admit it to myself.

She began to nibble my neck as we kissed., and the hot breath and soft mouthing on my neck got the desired result. Joanne then licked and blew in my ear, and it sent me into overdrive and made whatever patience I had disappear. I aggressively ran my hand down to her crotch. I rubbed her vagina through her jeans, and I could feel the ready, swollen lips of her twat and the soft mound of her pubic hair through the fabric.

I also thought perhaps I shouldn’t waste time lest Joanne change her mind and not give in to my advances.

I found out she’d caught her husband Ronnie eating out the nanny’s pussy on top of the washing machine during the spin cycle. She threw him out. He never begged for forgiveness but just got a place with his “Swedish nanny whore” (as Joanne referred to her) and told mutual acquaintances that he and Joanne had separated.

Partly because she was lonely and partly because she wanted some twisted form of revenge-but mostly because she liked to fuck-Joanne wielded her new sexual freedom like a bank robber wielded a gun: Often getting away with what she wanted. It didn’t make her a bad person to me, just a loose woman who liked sex and had low inhibitions and even lower standards.

I could see her getting it on with two guys at once. Maybe even three!

Her friendship with my mother was the wall that had impeded this encounter. My mom tried to counsel her to slow down and wait for the right man, but Joanne wasn’t having any of that. She wanted revenge and she wanted sex, but most of all she wanted to feel better and move on from her nasty break with her cheating husband.

I moved to unbutton her pants, and she didn’t stop me. But then the zipper of her fly got stuck.

“We should stop,” she said breathlessly.

“Really? We’ve got each other going. We’ve come this far. Why do you wanna stop?” I argued with my rock hard member threatening to bust my pants wide open.

“I know, but…”

“But what? Are you afraid of my finger?” I demanded, implying that heavy petting and fingering her snatch was as far as I would go. But deep down, I knew that if I did a good and thorough job of finger banging her, she would beg for my shlong. I didn’t have any self confidence at this point. I didn’t see myself as a ladies man or Don Juan; I just knew how incredibly horny and prick hungry she was. I thought of Joanne as a promiscuous slut. After all, she loved to fuck and suck and was almost always horny.

“This is a sign,” said Joanne, sounding like someone full of self doubt and cold feet as she struggled with her zipper.

“No, it’s not. Just flatten it out.” I said, referring to her zipper.

“No, we should stop,” she said, looking up to the roof of the car as if gazing right through it straight to the heavens. She was truly doubting herself and her judgment and almost giving in to the thoughts of how inappropriate all this was.

I was starting to lose hope. Disappointment seeped in like cold water. But I pushed back, being already committed to the idea of it and my lust already sparked into an inferno that saturated my balls with piping hot baby batter. I still wanted something, to play with her pussy and maybe a hand job or a blow job. Anything. Something! Please!

Pressing the issue, I did my best to convince her: “You want this. We both want this, please don’t leave me hanging,” I pleaded, not wanting to leave blue balled by a woman yet again. She let out a nervous sigh of resignation and with some effort undid her pants the rest of the way.

I pounced on her like a lion, so worked up and nervous was I that it translated inadvertently into rough play. I slid my hand between her legs and jammed two fingers in her waiting cunt. I forced my tongue into her mouth and kissed her vigorously and hard. The speed and energy that I fingered her twat and rubbed her clit had her gasping for air. Looking back, a more experienced man would have realized that Joanne liked it rough. She was content to be brutally finger fucked because in her mind it somehow made her feel less guilty about fooling around with her friend’s son.

I pulled up her sweater and bra, and her right tit sprung free. I sucked on the nipple of her one exposed breast so hard she let out a small yelp as I continued to thrust and withdraw my fingers from her steaming snatch with high speed. I moved from suckling her breast up to her neck and softly whispered to her: “I wish I could fuck you.” The words spilled out of my mouth involuntarily, as if what I’d been thinking was broadcast without my permission. I was surprised to hear myself say it! I was afraid I might lose her if I suggested we move to the back seat, given the limited space in her car and my inexperience, so I resigned myself to the idea that maybe just heavy petting would be the extent of this encounter. Still, I guessed it was best for her to know my true desires, and, who knew, maybe we would find a way to go further.

“I really wish I could fuck you,” I moaned again, like a tomcat in heat.

“I would love for you to fuck me,” Joanne answered to my surprise. “I want to slide my pussy up and down your body.”

Well! A full-body pussy massage sounded wonderful and original, the dirty talk heightening an already hot moment. She reached over with her left hand and rubbed my throbbing penis through my pants while pulling me closer to her with her right.

“I would love to have you inside me, deep in my pussy,” she said longingly.

“I’d fuck you very hard,” I managed, now awakened to my own carnally induced ramblings. Yet I began to feel inhibited, and I was ashamed of my previous dirty talk even though I wanted to express myself.


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Hotel Bound


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I came out of the bathroom, my hair still damp from the shower, and lay back on the bed to wait for You as You had instructed. I stretched my arms up above my head and placed them back into the cold metal handcuffs that waited for me. As I clicked the left cuff, then the right one closed about my wrists, I bent my knees and spread my thighs wide, just as You told me to do, exposing my smooth, shaved mound to the cooler air in the hotel bedroom.

As I laid there, waiting for You, I thought about the previous evening when, after pleasing You with my body twice, I had failed to bring You off a third time with my mouth as You had desired. I had been very tired by then, but that was no excuse. A slut slave – a good one, anyway – should be able to please her Master at His command. I knew that You had to go to work this morning, You had meetings all day You had told me, and I wondered what was in store for me.

When You were showered and dressed, You returned to me, straightening Your tie as You entered the bedroom. You stood for a few minutes and watched me lying naked and spread on the bed. I watched You watching me, I looked at Your hands, remembering the feel of them on and in my body, and I felt my nipples harden under Your gaze and my slut pussy get slick. I watched as You rummaged through a duffle bag, and I felt my eyes widen as You came away from it with what looked like a huge diaper! Knowing You were already displeased with me, I did not comment or ask or make any sound as You approached me with the diaper. You set the thing down next to me and went back to the bathroom, only to return with a large glass of cold water. You put a straw in it and held it close to me.

“Drink it all, my slut,” You instructed as I placed my lips on the end of the straw, “drink it all or the punishment will be harsh.” I sucked and swallowed, watching You silently, until I had drunk it all. You smiled and smoothed my hair away from my face and set the glass back down on the nightstand. You moved to the foot of the bed without speaking and set Your hand on my mound, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin.

“As you know, little slut, I have meetings today and will be gone most of the day. I had thought to leave you to your own devices while I am gone. However, you failed to please Me last night as I instructed. Never have you failed to bring me off with your sweet mouth as you did last night. Today you will be punished. You will be bound to the bed while I am gone today. You will not be allowed up for anything. I’m not sure if anyone will be in during the day to see to you, but if they are, you will obey them in all things, for they are friends of Mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, I do.” I told You quietly, almost whispering.

“Very good.” You nodded. “Now, pull your knees up to your chest for me.” I did as You asked, bringing my knees together and pulling them up towards my chest. You placed one hand under my bottom and lifted it slightly, sliding the adult-sized diaper under my hips. You picked up a small bottle of powder from the nightstand and sprinkled it on my bottom, then placed one hand on my thigh and pulled gently and I lowered my legs again, spreading them slightly. You sprinkled the powder on my mound and smoothed it gently with Your large, warm hand. You drew the front of the diaper up between my thighs and fastened it firmly over my hips.

Once the diaper was secure, You moved back to the side of the bed and sat down next to me. Quietly, You reached over to me and took my nipples in Your fingers. You rolled them between Your fingertips, slowly bringing them hard before pinching them firmly. Slowly You increased the pressure You were putting on them, pinching my nips harder and harder until I gasped out loud with the pain. Smiling gently, You maintained Your vicious grip on my nipples for a few moments before releasing them and getting up, pulling Your suit jacket on, preparing to leave. You took the glass from the nightstand and entered the bathroom again. In just a moment, You returned with another full glass of cold water and held it out to me. Obediently, I put my mouth to the straw and drank until the glass was empty again. You returned the glass to the nightstand and rose.

“Remember, slut, anyone who comes into this room, comes with My permission. You are to obey them in everything as you would obey Me. If I hear of you even hesitating, you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master.” I replied, my nipples still throbbing from Your fingers. You approached me again, and kissed me on the mouth.

“Be good, my pet. Do not seek permission to be released from your bondage, it will not be allowed. If you ask to be released, I will be told and you will be punished.” You kissed me again, stroking my hair as You stood. “Behave yourself, and I will see you tonight.”

“Yes, my Master.” I watched as You walked out the door. I could not see a clock from my position, so I had no idea of the time. I had urinated before I took a shower, so I had no immediate need to go again, but I knew You giving me so much to drink would soon take it’s effect. Feeling some tired, I closed my eyes and dozed off.

I had no idea how much time had passed when I awoke. There was some pressure in my bladder, I could still ignore it for now, but I knew that would change. I knew that there were safety releases on my handcuffs – Master would never leave me alone and bound without a way to escape – but I knew if I used them without permission I would very much disappoint my Master and be severely disciplined for my disobedience. I heard the noise of the door unlocking just seconds before it swung open, admitting a woman to my prison.

She looked tall from my prone position on the bed, she was probably 5’6″ or so, about 130 lbs. She had dark auburn hair and I couldn’t yet tell what color her eyes were. The first thing she did was take the glass from the nightstand and go into the bathroom to fill it. When she brought it back, she offered it to me and I immediately lifted my head and began to drink. She stroked my hair gently as I drank the all the water she gave me. She set the glass on the nightstand again and pinched my nipples lightly with her left hand while she continued to stroke my hair with her right.


As my nipples hardened beneath her fingers, she picked up my nipple clamps, one by one, from the nightstand where Master had left them and attached them to my nipples. I sucked in a breath as she tightened them down until they were tight to the point of pain, but not unbearable. She stood and raised her little red skirt up to her waist and she straddled my head, kneeling, pulling her little thong panties to one side. I waited, knowing what she wanted, but waited like the well-trained slut I am. Waited for instructions or permission to suck the clit I could see peeking from between her labia.

“Lick my cunt, slut. I want to cum.” The woman’s voice was soft and breathy, and I tipped my head back slightly and reached up to her with my mouth and tongue. Tentatively, I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit, feeling her very short, trimmed pubes brushing my lips as I flicked her clit with my tongue. Above me, she loosened the two top buttons of her black blouse and lifted her full, round breasts out of her bra, pinching and pulling her nipples lightly.

Lifting my head as high as I could, I sucked her labia gently, one at a time, and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could make it reach. I smelled her scent, slightly musky and sweet, and tasted her sweet/tart flavor on my tongue, on my lips. I pushed my tongue in and out of her like a tiny cock for a minute, and then stroked her swelling clit with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. I saw her pulling at her nipples and tits more vigorously as I sucked her clit, stroking it inside my mouth with my tongue. As she started crying out with pleasure, I opened my mouth a little wider and sucked on her sopping wet hole, swallowing her sweetness. As I sucked at her opening, I flicked my tongue out to play along the entrance, teasing lightly before I moved back up to her clit and sucked it into my mouth again, rubbing it hard with my tongue as I sucked it.

My neck and jaw were aching, and she was riding my face, grinding against me, her sloppy cunt making my chin and nose slick with her wetness. I continued to suck her clit and she viciously pulled her nipples and threw her head back, crying out as she came. I wished my hands were free so I could sink my fingers, maybe even my whole hand, into her sopping wet cunt, but I knew better than to ask permission to be freed. I wanted to please my Master, not make Him angry with my disobedience.

When the woman calmed down, her orgasm receding, she pulled her panties back over her swollen, wet slit, took the glass with her and went into the bathroom. I heard her urinating, and I had an almost painful twinge in my bladder, feeling the need to urinate also. I heard her flush and wash her hands, and when she came back in, the glass was full again. She offered it to me and, smelling her juices on my face, I put my mouth to the straw and drank again. When the glass was empty, she set it back on the nightstand and went to stand at the foot of the bed. She climbed up to sit between my ankles, spreading my legs with her hands. She reached out and felt the diaper I was wearing, touching and squeezing it from the outside. Finding it dry and rather flat, she set her hand low on my belly and pressed, bringing me the instant, almost desperate desire to pee.

“Little slut, if you don’t wet while I’m here, you’ll have to sit in it until someone else willing to change you gets here. I don’t know if your Master has anyone else coming here to see to you.” She continued to rub and press my belly. “If I were you, I would pee and be done with it.” She watched my face for a moment, pressing a little more firmly on my belly. I felt a little bit of hot urine leak into the diaper as she pressed on me, and I tried desperately to close my legs to keep from peeing, but with her sitting between them, I could not. I fought desperately to keep control of myself, I did NOT want to wet myself in front of this stranger, I did not want her to diaper me.

The woman stopped pressing on my belly and pushed my thighs to force them farther apart. As she pressed my thighs open, I felt myself losing control. Closing my eyes, I relaxed and hot urine burst from within me. I could feel the warmth of it spreading through the diaper, and I felt the woman place her hand on the plastic covering of it so she could feel the warmth of my wet. I felt tears sting my eyes as my bladder emptied into the diaper, the woman feeling the warmth of my shame with her hand. It seemed like I kept peeing for a very long time with her sitting there. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted my Master.

When the stream of urine finally slowed to a trickle and stopped, I opened my eyes and saw the woman sitting between my legs, smiling, her hand still on the diaper. After a moment, she rose, and I heard her running water in the bathroom. When she returned, she was carrying a damp cloth. She set the cloth on the bed beside me and pulled the tapes of the diaper loose. She crossed my ankles and lifted them up, pulling the diaper out from under my bottom as if I were just a baby. She wiped my bottom and my mound gently with the warm cloth and left me lying naked on the bed while she put the diaper in the trash. She pulled another diaper from Master’s duffle bag and brought it back to the bed. She brushed a couple of tears from my cheeks with her fingers. She crossed my ankles again, lifting them, and slid the dry diaper under my bottom.

The woman gently spread my thighs and pressed her finger against my pussy, finding it surprisingly wet. She stroked me with her fingers for a few moments, and I could feel my face flaming with color as she watched me and teased me. I felt her slick fingers rubbing over my clit, pinching it lightly, stroking it. My hips moved ever so slightly up towards her hand. She withdrew her hand from me and presented her wet fingers to me. I opened my mouth willingly and she pressed her fingers into my mouth for me to lick and suck clean. When I could no longer taste my cunt on her fingers, she drew her fingers gently from my mouth and fastened the diaper securely over my hips. The last thing she did before she left was to fetch another tall glass of water from the bathroom and bring it to me to drink, which I did. She kissed me lightly on the mouth, set the glass down, and left. I heard the lock engage behind her. In the quiet of the room, still feeling the shame of peeing in front of a stranger, and being diapered by her, still smelling the scent of her cunt on my face, I closed my eyes and slept again.


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Chronicles of the Anal Stretch


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My boyfriend/ live-in lover/ best friend of three years had mentioned anal sex many many times. We had tried it 2 or 3 times and had to stop because it was VERY painful for me! A few weeks ago, I had a short discussion with him that I didn’t know if we’d ever be able to have anal sex unless I went through some “anal training” first and I didn’t know if I really wanted to do that or not. He has never been pushy about anything sexually and said it didn’t matter, and that he loved me just the same, with or without anal sex.

After reading up on the subject, I realized that some of my “getting too stretched out” concerns were unfounded and that it really was a little like yoga in that you have to work at stretching a muscle to get it to comply with your wishes—whether it be to do a downward dog or a doggie style—it takes consistent stretching.

I decided that I might even like it and that I loved him enough to at least try. After all, I always loved it when we are fucking doggy style and he stuck a finger up my ass while I used my vibrator on my clit. That would always send me over the top—to the moon and back! So, my “special yoga” stretching sessions began.

This is the true-life diary of my two month ass-training for the man I love.

Day 1, Stretching session #1 (About September 15th)

I opted for coconut oil instead of KY because I had found it to be superior as a lube. Plus–bonus, he can eat it, it tastes good, and it makes your skin soft! I laid on my back on our bed—hours before he would be home. I think to myself that if I am able to accomplish a wide enough stretch to actually have anal sex with him, he’s going to be ecstatic! I wanted it to be a surprise.

I clipped my nails short and found my tiny little ass opening with a lubed up finger. I gently pulled aside the rim of my ass and softly worked the finger in. Ooo…it felt really good and I got an immediate tingling up through my pussy and clit.

The opening was so terribly tight, I could hardly move my finger, but I pushed it in as far as I could. I wondered how deep the cavity went and if my lover could get in “balls deep,” as he says. I try not to rub my clit, as I’m not here to pleasure myself, but to “workout” for my man. I can hear the conversation now, “Mongo, my love, I’ve taken up yoga.”

“You have, Angel? How far can you stretch?”

I would bend over, pull my panties to the side, and open my ass cheeks and say,

“Just far enough for you to fuck my tight little ass, my love.”

As I brought myself back to reality, I used my finger to pull the impossibly tight muscle to the left and to the right. The pulling was a little uncomfortable, but not to the point of pain. I thought back to the some of the porn movies I’ve seen where the woman doesn’t even blink when her the gigantic dick is shoved deep in her ass. Apparently this is achievable, just not without some ass training, I mused. I had read that if you clench down with the ass muscles over and over you essentially wear it out and then pull and stretch side to side. I did this for about 30 minutes with minimal discomfort. My clit liked the occasional attention I gave it too.

Day #2—I lubed up a few fingers because I wanted to try going further each time. After gently inserting, clenching, pulling for a few minutes, I was able to pull with my index finger wide enough to feel air, and I gently slid another finger in alongside the first. I had made progress in only two sessions. I can imagine the sight, me laying on my back, both hands under my back and buttocks.

My asshole was impossibly tiny and tight, and the fingers felt as if they would go numb from the tightness. I gently pulled and tugged in opposite directions, while my clit began to charge up. I considered inserting a butt plug and jumping my man when he comes home, but reconsidered, as my little tiny asshole was tired by the end of this session.

Session #4—I started on my back with two fingers, and my left thumb accidentally brushed up against my clit—-ohhhhh this felt so divine. I pulled my knees up to my ears and felt how the opening of my ass gets tighter around my two fingers with my legs in this position. I can’t wait to surprise my lover—and knowing what the feeling is like from the inside, I know he is going to go crazy over this super-tight feeling.

I wiggled off the bed and sat kneeling on the floor, knees far apart and fingers still up my ass. My pussy was so wet I decided that my thumb could do a good job of plugging that hole. The wetness was practically dripping onto the floor and the kneeling position with my legs spread wide, forced my lips open wide which made me even more randy. I doubled over and leaned my forehead on the floor, quietly moaning to myself with pleasure.

I took the thumb out of my pussy and stroked my clit from side to side with the soaking wet thumb. I momentarily stopped the rubbing to inserted a third and fourth finger in my ass. So tight. Such a strong and willful muscle. I consider that this felt so desperately good that if I make myself cum, I may cum so hard that I may be spent for the rest of the night. I decided against it, so I can save myself for my lover. But I continue to stroke my clit….it throbed with desire, I could not stop.

I decided not to stop. I felt the hotness burning inside my femme parts…fingers in my ass, finger up my pussy, another stroking my clit. Within moments, I came…. and I came so hard that my stomach knots into an uncontrollable kink, paralyzing me from taking in air, which intensified my climax even more. I remained in this state for nearly a minute, as my orgasms typically last a minute or two or three. I released my stronghold on my clit and I rolled to my side in a heap, gasping for air and needing to stretch that kinked muscle in my abdomen. What an intense orgasm. I felt guilty, but luckily that night my lover was grumpy, tired and preoccupied with work and wasn’t interested in sex. Lucky break for me.

Session #5 — My man had half jokingly quizzed me a few days ago about my afternoon showers. While it’s not unusual for me to take them, their frequency may have increased since my “yoga” stretching has started. Today was a cold day, I got home and hopped in the shower to warm up before I realized I hadn’t done my ass stretching. I only remained in the shower about 5 minutes, dried off and kept my pink, warm fuzzy robe around me for warmth. I didn’t know if the warm shower helped or if things are just stretching well, but I reached a new level today.

I laid across the bed sideways and pulled my knees up to my face, exposing my freshly showered girl parts. My pale feet naturally rested on the wall at the head of the bed. I had oiled up 2 fingers on both hands—not knowing how much I could take. As before, the first and second of the right hand easily slipped into my ass. As I had noted before, having both hands down there can be a difficult feat, so I decided to see if I could get my ring finger of the same hand in. It did, though noting I need to cut finger nails again.

The three fingers in my ass, forming a sort of a triangle. I knew my lover’s member is much larger than my little triangle, but all will be well with time. This passage is so tight—he is going to love this. In this position, a second hand might have been too difficult, so I decided to add my thumb! The thumb slid in after being lubed properly. I tried to open them and my ass absolutely would not allow it. I continued with the clenching and releasing exercises and with my other hand, stroked my clit from side to side.

My thoughts drifted to wondering why my lover has never stroked me this way…I suppose the natural thought is to go along the folds of the lips up and down, but this way feels divine! With my knees near my ears, I stroked my clit slowly and methodically…I softly groaned to myself. Then I used my left hand to insert two fingers into the middle of the right handed triangle. They easily went in, but it was tight—very, very tight—and I used them to spread the others apart, as tiny of progress as was possible, I held that for a few minutes.

I decided that my man most certainly will want to do some stroking himself when he has me in this position. And by that, I mean in and out of this tight little ass of mine. I decided to try a little in and out action without completely pulling out. It was fine…actually felt –possibly– a little good, and I continued to stroke my clit. I wanted to cum so badly, but I knew that today I would be saving that orgasm for my lover.

Every stroke of my clit made my ass muscles clench a little—if my lover even lasted five minutes in my tight ass, I would be surprised. I saved my orgasm, showered, and donned some purple Jack skellington over-the-knee socks, a thin, tight white shirt, skipped the panties, and hoped to ravage him when he got home. I sat in bed with my book and waited for my lover.


Today is Friday and I have worker men in my house replacing the old heating system. They have no idea what I’m doing upstairs in my bedroom. Today, I decided I was going to see how far I could take my “yoga.” I lubed up all five fingers on both hands (just in case) and then in an afterthought, decided to lube up my purple vibrator as well. I started with one and then two fingers and again, my little asshole still seemed impossibly tight. After about 5 minutes, my two fingers were practically numb. I worked the fingers around, side to side, front and back…my clit pulsated with expectation.


I decided I could probably handle my sleek purple vibrator, which probably isn’t much wider than 3-4 small fingers put together. I know my man is much thicker than it, but things are “cuming” along. I inserted the vibe slowly—it fills the impossibly small ass cavity and I feel full, but my pussy is so empty—a very new sensation.

I rolled onto the floor on my knees again, forehead on the floor, knees apart. I had a hand towel and wondered if my lover has been noticing how many rags and towels I’ve been going through. I used the towel around the base of the vibe to prop it upright and sit up on my heels, with the vibrator jammed into my little space. I played with my clit until my pussy was dripping wet with pussy juices and decided to see if my little ass could handle some movement. I slowly raised up and down on the stationary, propped up dildo…still stroking my wanting clit. I bobbed up and down on the dildo, this time in a slow rhythm… I became proud of myself because today I was ass-fucking my vibrator! My lover is going to be so surprised!

He had a conversation with me lately about not telling each other things right away, and I hope he doesn’t get mad at me about this, but I wanted to see if I could even do it first (so I didn’t disappoint him if I couldn’t). And second, I wanted to give this to him as a sort of gift. A surprise gift. I hope he loves it. My mind wandered off wondering if he will end up liking my ass more than my pussy—it is afterall, far tighter than my pussy! I ponder this question for a while.

As I returned to the task at hand, I again wanted so badly to cum…it wouldn’t have taken even one more stroke of my clit to send me over the edge, but I decide to save myself for my Lover. We took a walk that night and worked out a spat we had had and by Saturday morning I was so incredibly horny that within minutes of him fingering my wanton pussy, I came so hard I almost passed out. The day was filled with teasing, tasting, licking and screwing—he even ate my pussy in his car sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store! I love my man. One moment while he was licking my pussy in the bedroom, he licked it side to side! OMfsm—has he been reading my chronicles?! This put me completely over the top within a minute! Sunday morning was good as well….but Sunday night, oh, Sunday night! My kinky man emailed me a video of something new and fun he wanted to do, which, in part, involved ass-training on him! Imagine my delight to get to show of some of my newly learned skills in training HIS tight ass! Won’t he be surprised when he finds out what I’ve been up to!

Session—next. I met a woman today—when I left the business meeting, I immediately texted my lover that I was hot for this woman. I think he got a little turned on by the message… He and I have been talking a lot lately about strap-ons and double-sided strap-ons. Now another woman to fantasize about…I’m not getting much work done today. It’s been 2 days (all weekend) since my last “special yoga” session.

This time I go straight for the purple dildo. I insert one one finger first to guide the vibe in, slide the finger out, and push the dildo as far as I can. I have measured my vibrator—it is 6 ½ inches tip to end (6″ plus the base where the batteries screw in). I have only gotten it comfortable in about 3-3 ½ inches. My man measures a full six

+ inches. Still lots of work to do. I relaxed a few moments to let my body adjust to its thickness. I attempted my clinching exercises but my little asshole feels so full. As I jiggled it a little in and out it started to feel good elsewhere. As I knelt, I propped this mechanical shaft between my toes and began to stroke my clit. The tightening of my little asshole tried to push out the sleek vibe.

I thrust probing fingers into my pussy and realized how incredibly wet it is and draw some of those pussy fluids out onto my eager clit. The anal stimulation does not seem to gratify me by itself, but paired with the other simulations it causes a wonderful combination of sensations. My mind wanders to the woman I met today…wondering if she and her husband have ever done anything like this. Wondering also, if she has ever had a female lover outside of her marriage. I could not tell if she is just friendly or if she felt the electricity like I did today—I turned on my vibrator while it remained secure in my tight little ass. Fast forward to the evening…I did a second ass training on my man. Hopefully mine will be “ready” before his is!

Next session—I only had a short amount of time before he got home, so I went straight for the purple vibe. I pulled open my little hole with my finger and slid the oily vibe directly in. It went in with ease and I decided that next time I will be ready for a larger size.

Next session—This day, I found an old, sleek, jelly-like anal plug in my “toolbox.” It was slightly smaller in circumference than my hard purple vibe, but I figured since I had a time constraint, I could lube it up, insert it, and attend to my day. In the meantime, I looked up what others are saying about how deep one can penetrate the ass and prepared some literature for my lover. I’ve decided that since I will have company in the house for the next 12 days, I will stop by the “toy store” on the way to the airport and pick out some butt plugs that are increasing in size. By the time my company leaves, I might be almost ready! I hope my lover will be pleased.

Next session—I stopped by the toy store today. I bought a 2-pc kit of two jelly-like ass-trainer plugs. One is about the size of a plug I have now, but I will give it to my lover. The other is the next size bigger—I think I can start with that one. They are in a graduated-bubble-like shape. The top is a small bubble and the bubbles get larger toward the base. The longer one is probably a full 5″ long. Additionally, I bought one more size up from that. I call it the “big black bubble butt” haha. It too is the graduating bubble shape, but really fat (and not as long).

When I got home I lubed up the middle size five-incher. It seemed almost impossible getting it into my small hole, and took about 5 minutes…BUT it didn’t hurt and I got it in. All 5 inches. I wore it around the house under my clothes for a few hours. I will send my literature to my lover tonight. I will also need to tell him that we will need to use a condom based on some of the info I found. I can’t wait to deliver my surprise to him.

Next session—Again the 5-incher. Actually, I think it may be 6, but unsure. It only took about a minute to get it all the way in today. The part closest to the base is the fattest part—it might be fairly close to the circumference of my lover. My tight ass isn’t ready yet. I want to be fully able to accommodate him with no pain—and maybe even….pleasure. I sat today with the 5-incher ass trainer in my little hole for about an hour. The longer time wore on, the hornier I became. My man was supposed to be home early today—I do hope he hurries up, Angel is randy. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll just use the vibrator for a few short moments until her gets here.” A few minutes inded.

Next sessions (Oct 4th–5th + 6th)—It was the weekend + and I didn’t want my man to know what I was up to, so I didn’t take up the trainer I bought. However, I slipped one of my tiny older butt plugs in my ass before we had a planned “rough” sex session. Well, probably not really rough by porn standards, but he fucked me hard. On all fours in the family room and then on the stairs. He fucked me so hard the plug popped right out of me!

The next day there were promises of face sitting—so while my lover played video games with our company, I sat upstairs with my new 5-incher shoved in my ass. Having it there made me good and randy, and eager for the face-sitting later in the evening. I stealthily removed it before he knew anything. Monday I had plenty of time to train my little ass. This 5-incher plug is proving to be a bit of a challenge—it has 5 bubbles, the tip being the smallest, and the 5th at the base being larger and out of proportion (thicker and longer) near the base. It is still difficult it get it in and out over that 5th fat bubble. I’m going to slyly measure the circumference of my lover’s manhood tonight with my hand. I’d like to see how much bigger he is than this trainer plug. I hope I’m getting close to being able to handle his fat cock, but I know it is going to be at least another week or two. I took a few pictures and will send them to him when the time is right.

Session next—My lover and I had been having a little grumpiness between us the last few days. I won’t stop my ass training though because I am doing this because I love him very much and despite feeling negative toward him temporarily, I know that he will be ecstatic the day he finds out I am ready for him to fuck me in the ass. I continue on because of my love for him.

I have been a little frustrated because it seems like I haven’t been able to move up from the 5-bubble-5 incher. I had limited time this day and was just going to keep the plug in my little ass for about a half hour while my man was driving home. I was frustrated with my stall in progress and knew I probably wasn’t going to get laid that night either and decided to see what I could do to speed up this process.

I went into my bathroom and knelt on the floor. I pulled the plug out only part of the way, just enough so that the fattest part of the 5th bubble was expanding the tightest part of my opening. I was angry. Angry at my lack of progress, angry at my lover, angry that I haven’t been laid in four days, angry at the internet, angry at the world. I kept it there and angrily took to doing my squeezing exercises. I was determined to get past this fat bubble this week!

I put my hand mirror under my ass to see what I was doing and decided that I was going to fuck my ass with the fattest part of this dildo and get this show on the road. I fucked myself with it for several minutes with no issues and decided that next time—next time–I’m going for the Big Black Bubble Butt (BBBB) that I bought. I’m going to get that fat plug in my ass even if it kills me.

Next session—This evening, I broke out the BBBB. It mused that it looks like a chess piece. It is about half as long as 5-incher, and has only three bubbles—but they are FAT. After lubing up, the first and second bubble went in somewhat easily, but the third bubble just wouldn’t budge! I tried on my knees, using a mirror, but I could not even force it over the third bubble. I tried for about ten minutes and gave in to failure. I realized however, that this second bubble is about the same size as the largest part of the last plug, so at least I have that. Giving in to the failure, I donned a tightly fitting thong to hold it in, and went about my evening. My lover had better fuck me tonight, or I’m going to have to deal with it myself. I haven’t even held his cock in my hand in five days! I have become very grumpy in this state.


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Mature Beauty


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It was the summer of 2003 and Mike Jones was half way through the three hour train journey to visit his Mum for the summer holidays. He would be there for two weeks, as had been the routine for the past thirteen years; two weeks with his Mum and two weeks with his Dad. Mike had lived with his Dad for the last seven years but always looked forward to these two weeks, it gave him a chance to escape from everyday home life.

Listening to his music as the train rolled into Reading station he scanned the carriage observing the passengers as they disembarked. Mike liked to watch the passengers, paying attention to their routines as they left the train; the ones that amused him most were those that raced to the door even though the train had yet to stop.

“What’s the rush?” Mike thought.

As usual the train would stop at Reading for 10 minutes to restock the on board buffet. Some of the passengers checked their phones and start replying to text messages, so Mike checked his own phone. No messages received. Nothing new there. He immediately felt jealous of those around him, jealous of the guys who were probably texting their girlfriends, or maybe even a number of girls they were interested in.

The train journey continued and Mike’s thoughts drifted towards his lack of involvement with any girls. He had begun to mix with a couple of girls in one of his A-Level classes but lacked the confidence to ask one of them out. Kelly-Ann was the girl he fancied. She was always nice to him and it also helped she had fantastic breasts. Mike knew he had missed his chance and cursed himself for being so shy.

His main interest, however, had been his Mathematics teacher. Miss Harrison had taught Mike for two years and her short skirts had taken up much of his focus and attention. She would often sit on the lone chair next to him to guide Mike and those around him through the next section of work. All he could focus on was the long nylon covered legs that were crossed in front of him, the bottom of the skirt sitting just above mid thigh.

“How can you focus with such glorious legs in front of you?” Mike wondered. He imagined what they would feel like wrapped around him.

At eighteen years of age Mike was a virgin and his fantasies still had to involve some artistic license in imagining what it would feel like to have sex for the first time. Just thinking about Miss Harrison’s legs had given him a hard on. He hoped the table in front of him would conceal how turned on he was currently feeling.

“Note to self, find a late night soft porn film to entertain myself with tonight”.


The two weeks visiting his Mum would take the usual format; helping around the house, running errands into town, and inevitably a bit of gardening work should the British Summer actually materialise. As Mike was building some new bookcases for his Mum there was a knock at the door. His Mum, who cannot sit still for more than a minute, shot across the living room to answer the door.

“Louise! How are you?! Good to see you back in the country.”

The next door neighbour, Louise, was a Senior Flight Attendant and would often pop round for a doorstep chat. Mike could only see her dark curly hair though the window, but it was enough to make him smile. Louise had become good friends with his Mum so he was used to seeing her around and he had always enjoyed her sense of humour. She was a bit risqué with her humour and Mike always enjoyed that.

The door closed as the conversation finished and he heard his Mum call out to him and his Stepdad. Her voice had the piercing shrill that only a Mum can have.

“Louise is joining us for dinner tonight! She’ll be here at seven!”

He smiled at his Mum’s reference to Louise’s ETA. He knew if it wasn’t 7pm on the dot she would be worrying that something was wrong.


As the clock ticked itself nearer to seven o’clock that night Mike started to feel a little apprehensive about Louise’s arrival. He began to feel the butterflies in his stomach and that could only mean one thing.

“I think I might actually be attracted to Louise” Mike muttered to himself.

A shake of the head and a nervous laugh was all he could do to try and shake off this thought but it remained clear in his head and, as it happened, his cock. The stirring began and he felt his cock bulge against his boxer shorts.

The door knocked. It was Louise. It was 7pm.

Mike chuckled to himself. “Mum will be pleased.”

As Louise entered the living room Mike saw her abundant brunette curls, her exciting sparkly eyes, her familiar smile and then…

“What a cleavage!”

Mike was thankful that his thoughts remained silent. Louise walked quickly over and gave him a big welcoming hug. Her large breasts pressed into his own chest. Although at a couple of inches under six foot Mike was comfortably taller than Louise, he was also a long distance runner so had always been of slight build and Louise had taken full hold of him to complete her hug.

“How are you doing, handsome? Been a long time since I have seen you!”

Mike enjoyed being called handsome. It made him feel good.

“Hi Louise. I’m good thanks.” He was nervous, his ability to make conversation was even poorer than usual, but he couldn’t stop smiling at the bubbly brunette stood in front of him.

Louise was forty nine, one year older than his Mum, and as far as Mike was concerned she exuded sex. She was what is often described as a curvy woman, but Louise had a reputation for being flirty and Mike began to wonder if Louise might flirt with him tonight. He had turned eighteen since he last saw her and he hoped that he could show to Louise he had become a man in that time.

His Mum and Stepdad ushered Louise to one of the armchairs where she would be sat opposite Mike. This gave him time to take in her appearance; black, thinly strapped heels with black skin tight trousers and a black figure hugging top that accentuated her large breasts. Her white jacket covered them slightly but it was more than enough for his fantasies.

The pre-dinner drinks flowed nicely although Mike didn’t really say a lot. He didn’t know what to say in these situations and was still learning what sort of conversation was needed on such an evening. Before he knew it, his Stepdad asked them all to move through to the dining room where dinner would be served.

Sat next to Louise at dinner, Mike became increasingly enchanted by her conversation and humour. The combination of the red wine inside him and the smell of her perfume made him feel warm inside, and made his cock begin to harden. He had to shift in his seat to ease the pressure.


Thankfully his Mum and Stepdad were sat on the opposite side of the table so he didn’t have to worry about embarrassing them, or himself for that matter.

“Louise, would you like Mike to walk you home tonight?” his Mum asked.

Both houses had very long front gardens so it was still a short walk home for Louise.

“If the neighbours saw me walked home by a young man like Mike, they’d be gossiping for the rest of the week! I have my reputation to think about!” Louise laughed at her own response.

“Your reputation?!” Mike teased. “What about mine?!”

Louise howled with laughter playfully pushing Mike’s right arm. In doing so he caught a quick glance down Louise’s top. His cock was already trying to stand to attention and this certainly did not help the situation.

They had finished eating by this point and they were all enjoying a nice bottle, or three, of his Stepdad’s favourite Shiraz.

As Mike was thinking about how he was going to relieve himself later thinking about Louise, which wouldn’t be for the first time, he was distracted by the mature beauty crossing her right leg over her left. Her foot dangling tantalisingly close to his right leg. A long held fantasy of Mike’s had been to have a woman caress his leg with her foot. He never knew why, but the thought of this happening to him always turned him on.

As the conversation continued Louise’s right foot brushed against his trouser leg before moving away.

“Did I imagine that?” Mike thought to himself.

Seconds later, he felt Louise’s foot again. This time, however, Louise did not remove her foot. Shifting in her seat Louise moved her foot closer to him, this time resting against his leg. Her foot softly moved up and down as she rotated her ankle. Mike had to lean forward to try and cover his now rock hard cock.

“Is this really happening?” he thought in disbelief.

Mike looked across at Louise who was happily chatting away, giving no sign of what she was doing under the table. With Louise’s foot successfully seducing, he wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation around him and realised there was a silence at the table as everyone was looking at him.

“Mike? Are you listening?” He heard his Mum say. “Typical man, not paying attention.”

Louise patted his thigh and said “Don’t worry Claire, i’m sure he was thinking about something VERY important.” Louise winked at Mike and squeezed his leg. After she let go Mike sighed and looked around at everyone. Unsure how to respond, he apologised and asked his Mum to repeat herself.

“Will you help Louise set up her mobile phone? She has been having trouble with some of the settings.”

“Yes, of course, shall we look now?”

Happily Louise grabbed Mike’s arm and took him through to the adjacent living room where her phone was in her handbag. His Mum and Stepdad started to clear up the table.

With Louise stood to his right hand side, he began flicking through the settings on the mobile phone, completing each task that Louise requested. The distracting scent of her perfume was making Mike light-headed, delirious with excitement as he enjoyed how close she was to him. Through the corner of his eye he could just see the outline of Louise’s glorious cleavage.

As Mike wrestled with his erotic thoughts Louise put her left hand on his back and slowly followed the curve of his spine downwards until resting on his bum. Louise said nothing and neither did Mike.

Louise called out to his Mum “Claire, we are just going upstairs to Mike’s room so we can compare with his phone, it should help sort out the more trickier settings.” This was no problem and once again he felt Louise grab his arm and lead him away.

When they entered his room Louise shut the bedroom door and told Mike to sit on his bed.

“We don’t have much time.” Louise said softly, and immediately knelt in front of him.

Louise unbuckled Mike’s belt and undid his trousers. She then guided his trousers down to his ankles. Wasting no time she slipped her fingers under the waist of his boxer shorts and pulled them down.

His cock sprang to attention.

Mike was nervous at how Louise would view his cock. She would be the first woman to know him intimately.

“Well, this certainly does not disappoint!” Louise whispered.

Louise held it in her right hand. Mike was surprised how cold her hand felt against his warm, hard cock. She began to massage his cock, running her right hand up and down Mike’s seven inches whilst massaging his balls with her left. The speed of her expert hands varied as Mike rolled his head back in both pleasure and amazement that this was actually happening to him.

The next sensation was Louise’s mouth taking in the bulging head of his cock and sliding her mouth up and down. The warmth of her mouth was in complete contrast to how cold her hands had felt moments before. As she sucked on his cock Louise pushed her bum in the air and the shape that formed below Mike’s eyes increased his excitement. Louise’s shapely rear led into her waste line and then all he could see was her head bobbing up and down on his cock.

It was at this point Louise pulled away and reverted to even faster hand movements.

Mike could feel his cock bulging in Louise’s hands, he could feel his cum building at the base of his cock aching for release.

She made eye contact with him, her eyes glistened and she had a mischievous grin on her face.

Louise’s grip tightened as she continued to pump Mike’s cock.

This was enough for Mike. He felt his balls tighten. He grabbed the edge of his bed. His cum streamed out of his cock, high into the air. Mike muffled a grunt, trying to restrain his actual desire to cry out in pleasure.

As he looked down he saw Louise softly stroking his cock, that mischievous grin still across her face.

To his disappointment Louise let go of his cock and took some tissues from the side of his bed and wiped her hands clean.

The whole event only lasted a matter of minutes. Louise stood up, grabbed her phone and winked at Mike.

“Thanks for your help.”

Louise then turned and left his room closing the door behind her.

As she made her way downstairs Mike quickly stood up and cleaned himself. His heart was beating fast and hard. He redressed himself and made his way back downstairs and saw Louise sat in the living room with his Mum and Stepdad already chatting away as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the evening Louise was her usual self, giving Mike a big hug and a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye.

Mike didn’t get to walk Louise home but he hoped there would be other opportunities to spend time with Louise this summer.


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It’s Been So Long


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The house was quiet for the first time in a long, long time. My wife had gone upstairs to get ready for bed and I took it upon myself to click the television off. I wanted to take advantage of the time and catch up on some reading. I was nose deep in War and Peace when I heard the shower shut off. For a second, I considered going up to our bedroom in an attempt to catch her naked. Then I considered the fact that I would be making an attempt to forego foreplay. It had been a long damned day, so I decided not to even make the effort. Maybe it was laziness, maybe it was fatigue, but at the end of it all, I just didn’t seem to have the drive in me to make a play for impromptu sex.

My eyes were going fuzzy with the passing lines of the book, so I marked my place and closed the pages. I was burned out and I knew that I would not be able to regenerate any bit of energy without a good night of sleep. I sat the book down, stretched through an aching breath, and heaved myself out my spot. Then I trudged up the stairs to our bedroom.

The bathroom door was still closed, so I went to the guest bathroom where I kept a spare toothbrush. I scrubbed my mouth clean and returned to the bedroom. As I breached the doorway, my eyes found their way to my wife standing next to the bed. She was wearing a light green and blue, silky, mini-length nightgown that lifted her breasts into glorious mounds. The center of her lingerie loosely hugged her waist and the skirt-like fabric at the bottom fell over her hips and the tops of her thighs. I looked further down the length of her legs and found that she was wearing her patent leather, platform heels.

She was stunning enough to have caught me in complete surprise and the energy that I thought had escaped my body suddenly returned. My cock was immediately hardening against the insides of my jeans, so I moved closer to her with every intent of taking her then and there. She moved slightly forward to meet my kiss and our tongues began dancing in and out of each other’s mouths. She tasted sweet as if she had eaten a piece of candy just to give me that much more delight.

“My God, you are sexy,” I said as I leaned back to look her over once more. I let my hands slide up and down her back then they slid down to her ass cheeks. In doing so, I felt the waist band of her panties and I found it peculiar that she was even wearing underwear.

She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and began to lift. I released her ass from my grip and allowed her to begin to undress me. First went my shirt. Then she undid my belt followed by my jeans. The backside of her hand rubbed my hard on as she lowered my zipper. Then, in a fluid motion, she went down to her knees as she pulled my pants down my legs. Almost immediately, she engulfed my cock with her soft and warm lips.

I felt my cock get harder in her mouth; harder than it had been in ages. It ached to become stone against the softness of her tongue and I felt a drop of pre-cum build at the tip of my member. She did not miss a beat as she sucked slowly up and back down again. All I could do was moan until I twitched.

I think she knew how close I was to cumming because she stopped her oral love making and stood in front of me. I huffed in protest, but was caught off guard by the look in her eyes. Then she smiled as she said, “I’ve got something for you.”

Before I could question as to what she had in store, she parted her legs just enough for the front of her lingerie to spring forward. She grabbed my right hand with her left and wrapped my fingers around her eight inch, latex cock.

“You sneaky bitch,” I said playfully, but impressed by her ability to hide such a large strap on from me. The waistband of the panties I had felt was not that of a pair of panties at all. It was actually the straps of a leather harness. Then she commented, “I was afraid you felt the buckles when you rubbed my back,” and she smiled again. I had not felt the buckles and I was truly surprised.

“I don’t know about this baby,” I said as I rubbed her cock and she rubbed mine. “It’s been a long time since you’ve fucked me.” She squeezed the middle of my shaft a little and promised that she might be gentle.

“Tell you what,” I paused as her soft hand found a sensitive spot, “why don’t you take this off.” I tugged on her rubber dick and continued on. “I’d like to fuck you first just to make sure you get yours. Then you can fuck me and give me mine.” She had no objections and was swiftly out of the harness.

I turned her back to the bed and laid her down roughly. She fell back and the bottom of her nightgown flopped upward. Her legs splayed open and I wasted no time. I kissed the inside of her thighs first, but did not focus too much energy on getting her hotter. I could feel the heat from her pussy and I wanted to taste her. I dove in and buried my tongue into her. I flicked her clit and licked her lips before kissing my way up her stomach. Then I kissed her breasts and moved to her neck. All the while, I plunged my right middle and ring fingers into her. She moaned as my rough hands penetrated her depths and I felt her muscles grabbing desperately at the center of my hand. I loved the feel of her pussy and proceeded to tell her about how good she felt in my hand.

“Please,” was the only word she could muster between kisses and finger thrusts and “please” was the only thing I needed to hear. I placed the tip of my swollen cock at her lovely opening and I pushed into her hard and deep. She screamed out, “Holy fuck!” as I forced myself in and that made me want to fuck her even more.


A bit of compassion came over me and I allowed her a second to adjust. Her pussy muscles went into spasms, but finally relaxed. Her relaxation was my cue and I began to move my hips back and forth rhythmically. My ass flexed with each push and I buried myself as deeply as I could give and as deep as she could take. I started off with the intent to firmly make love to her, but I found myself fucking her harder and harder with every thrust. Before I knew it, she was hanging off the other side of the bed and I was still pounding at her insides. Moans and gasps filled the air just before she lifted her head. She reached down with both of her hands and dug her fingernails into the flesh of my ass cheeks. Her grip made me push harder into her as she began to convulse under me. I felt her hole gush with her cum and all I could do was smile.

“Ah, I needed that so bad!” she exclaimed. Then she let her grip loosen from my ass and gave me a light slap on both cheeks. “I think it’s your turn.”

I hesitated. “Alright, but be gentle.” I begged. She answered with less assurance than I expected. “I’ll be as gentle with you as you were with me.”

I slid back and let myself fall out of her soaked cunt. I moved off of the bed and grabbed her hands to help her sit up. Then I stepped out her way as she stood. She grabbed the strap on from the top of the nightstand where she had left it and she proceeded to step into it. She was still wearing her lingerie which added an extra bit of sensuality to the mix. The fact that she was wearing a strap on underneath it made it even hotter.

She fixed the buckles into place and refocused her attention back on me. I stood in front of her with my back to the bed. I leaned in for a long and passionate kiss, but I was distracted by the rubber of her cock rubbing against the skin of mine. The aura about her was intoxicating and she suddenly became more aggressive with her posture. Her hands rubbed up and down my back then over my ass as we kissed. Then she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me hard back onto the bed.

I chuckled with excitement, but was brought back to when she told me to give her my hand. I held it out to her, palm up, and she told me to get ready for her. She poured a generous amount of lube onto my hand and did the same into her hand as well.

As if posturing myself to be fucked was the most natural thing for me to do, I propped my feet up onto the edge of the bed. Then I reached down between my legs, bypassed my cock, and moved my hand to my ass. The position I was in, knees up and feet at the edge, allowed my ass to open wide as I spread the juice over my hole. I placed the tip of my middle finger at my opening and I pushed inward. My ass resisted my very touch because it had been so long since we had played in such a fashion.

“Um, I think this is going to hurt,” I said as I felt my asshole clenching against my fingers. My pulse thumped against my digit and I waited to relax a little before moving in and out of myself. I took a deep breath in and exhaled completely in hopes of relaxing a bit more. It worked and I let my ring finger glide in next to the middle. My ass clenched again and I went through the process once more.

As I fingered myself, getting ready to be fucked, I looked down to my wife. She had since wrapped her fist around her hard on and was jerking off while watching me play with my ass. “Do you like what you see,” I asked with a coy tone and she nodded. “Then come and get it.”

She did not have to be enticed further. She instructed me to slide further onto the bed and lift my legs. I did so and she was quickly in between my open thighs. I felt the tip of her monstrous phallus at the center of my hole. Then she pushed forward. I gasped as she force the head into me. “Gentle!” I pleaded and she was gracious enough to give pause. She waited only a second longer. My asshole was still twitching at the invasion when she pushed the full length of her shaft into me. “Ah!” I yelled out as the front of her hips met the mounds of my ass. Buried into me completely, she hooked her arms under my knees and lifted my legs higher. This gave her more access to my hole and she pushed in even deeper. Pain seared through my body before the absolutely full delight of being penetrated kicked in.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. She complied with the request. My legs were still bent at the knee and draped over her arms as she began to rock back and forth with her hips. The dildo slid out of me nearly to the tip and impaled me once more as she returned. She started slow at first, but built into a hard and swift pace that continually knocked the wind from me with each of her thrusts.

Her breasts hovered just above my stomach when she leaned over me. She was in full force as she pounded my ass. Then, just to show me she was completely in charge, she raised back upward. She grabbed my ankles to lift my feet high above her shoulders, and she pounded harder and deeper. “Do you like the way I fuck your ass, bitch?” The words slithered out of her mouth the way you hear in a porn flick. It made pre-cum bead on the tip of my cock. I watched it drip from the head as my hard on bounced around at each slap of her hips against my ass.

“May I cum?” I begged as if I had any control over when my cock was to explode. “No,” she heaved into me. I felt my face go red with anticipation. I could barely breathe. I wanted so bad to jerk off into relief. My wife apparently was having too much fun fucking my ass. “Please?” I begged once more.

“Cum for me,” she commanded. I licked a wad of saliva into my hand and moved it to my cock. “Oh fuck, I’m so hard,” I was amazed at how hard I actually was. I loved the feeling of a rubber cock in my ass while I stroked my member in the same rhythm of her poundings.

She fucked me faster and I rubbed faster until I began to spurt. The first hot stream hit the bottom of my chin and fell across my neck. The ensuing blasts covered my chest and stomach until my orgasm subsided. My wife pushed one last hard pump deep into me to make sure that every last drop had come about. She was successful in milking me dry, so she slowly extracted her cock from me. Once she was out of me, I felt just how stretched my ass was from her ruthless fucking. I felt abused in a way that I had not felt in a long time and it made my cock twitch one last creamy bit.

My front was coated with cum and my asshole was slathered with lube. I was a mess of ecstasy and all I could think to say was, “I love you.”

We cleaned up and went to bed just to get some of that much needed rest.


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Subhash Owns His Maid’s Ass


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Subhash was anxiously waiting on the third day for his maid Sushila to come for her work. He would glance at the clock, pace his room and again look up. The clock was showing 10:00 A.M. Sushila was already an hour late and Subhash was fuming inside. Two days had gone and already she was showing signs of in-subordination. He had mentally made up his mind to put her in her place today.

The events of the last two days had put Subhash’s libido into a wild orbit. He would have a hard-on every few minutes thinking about Sushila. Never in his life had he experienced lust so strong. It was almost as if, the lust was coarsing through his veins. When he slept at night his painfully erect dick would keep reminding him of his desire and the two nights he had slept dreaming about one erotic idea after another.

The bell rang at about 10:15 and when Subhash opened the door, it was the maid, Sushila. He said crossly, “Do you know what time it is?”

Sushila did not say a word, and simply slipped past Subhash into the flat, and started going about her routine work. This further angered him. He quietly went into his bed-room and switched on the television in his bedroom. He could hardly concentrate in his anger, and was simply switching channels.

“Sahab! Do you want tea?” When Subhash looked up it was Sushila asking this question to him. She was standing at the door of his bedroom as if refusing to come inside. He nodded his head as he looked at her with cold eyes. The bitch was getting out of hand.

When Sushila came with the tea, Subhash asked her, “Why are you late?”

Sushila handed him the cup of tea and simply walked off, not bothering to answer Subhash. He was now boiling inside. He finished drinking the tea and called out to her.

When Sushila came inside Subhash asked her, “Have you got the towel?”

Sushila went out and brought back a polythene bag which contained the towel and showed it to Subhash.

“Take a bath and come back in here.” Subhash ordered.

Sushila meekly obeyed. As she was taking the bath Subhash was unable to grasp her psyche. It seemed that she had simply decided that once she was warming his bed she could take any liberty. Subhash made a mental note to effectively deal with this problem.

Sushila came out of the bathroom dressed in her saree and blouse. She was wearing a bright colored saree, with gaudy prints on it. She came and stood near Subhash. He asked her gruffly, “What are you wearing?”

Sushila lifted her saree, she was again wearing the faded rust colored panties with the hole in them. Subhash reached out and grasped her waist just above the sari. He squeezed her waist hard. A moan escaped Sushila’s lips.

Subhash was deliberately rough with her today. His anger and lust were needing release. He asked her to turn around and slapped her buttocks hard. Sushila screamed.

“Bitch! That will teach you not to come late.” Subhash said.

Subhash established a rhythm of slapping her buttocks, one by one and then with a sudden move he roughly tore her panties apart. Sushila’s buttocks were red by now. Subhash had a large fleshy palm and he was enjoying the flat sound of his hand as it came against her buttocks.

“Sahab! It is hurting me. Please stop!” Sushila pleaded. Tears were streaming down her cheeks now.

Subhash was in no need to relent. He said “Bitch! You will learn not to be late. You will learn every time I ask you a question, it has to be answered. Learn your lesson well today. Next time the beating is going to be so bad that your buttocks are going to be blue!”

Sushila was crying now, she said, ” Sahab! I will do as you say, please do not beat me anymore. I was at fault, I will never be late again. I will always answer your questions. Please forgive me.”

Subhash’s hand stopped. He looked at Sushila and asked, ” Will I need to repeat this lesson?”

Sushila shook her head. Again, she felt a heavy slap on her buttock. “Speak out woman! No more shaking or nodding of your head!” Subhash’s voice was menacing.

“No Sahab! You will not have to repeat anything. I promise to obey and do as you wish from now on.”

“Good! Now take my dick in your mouth and suck it like the nice whore you are.”

Sushila was thoroughly subdued by now. She bent down and rolled down his shorts. She took his prick and started licking the head of Subhash’s penis. Every now and then he would run his finger on his penis and her tongue would follow wherever his finger had traced a line on it.

“Take it in your mouth and run your tongue around the head of the penis.” Subhash ordered.

Sushila obeyed. Subhash was enjoying this. He really enjoyed this woman’s mouth. It was always wet and eager. Sushila had a good technique of stroking the base of his penis with her hand while bobbing her head up and down along the length of his penis while sucking it.


A few minutes later, Subhash was about to shoot his load. He said, “Listen woman! I am going to come. I do not want even a drop spilled. I want you to drink each and every drop that comes out of my prick.”

Sushila stopped, looked up, nodded then went back to sucking his prick. With a loud exclamation Subhash came in her mouth. He could notice her hungrily gulping down his cum and gagging on it. “Good girl.” He said.

Subhash dressed and went out for some work. He came back an hour later around noon. He had lunch and again went into his bedroom to relax.

Sushila came into the bedroom and started sweeping the room. Subhash grinned inwardly as he noted that normally it took her only five minutes to sweep the room and today she was going on sweeping the room once, twice and thrice over.

Subhash got up from the bed, stood in front of Sushila and asked,” What is it woman? Why are you taking so long?”

Sushila looked up and said shyly, “Sahab! Aren’t you going to take me today?”

“So, you want it? Bitch!”

“Yes! Sahab.”

“You like this prick inside you? Does it give you pleasure?”

“Yes Sahab! I cannot forget it. I have never got so much pleasure from being fucked by my husband, I will never be able to forget it. It fills me up completely and takes me to heaven!”

When Subhash heard this his prick raised its head. It was hard as a rock. He grabbed the pack of condoms and handed them to Sushila, who now needed no training to put them on his dick.

Subhash simply threw Sushila on the bed. She fell on it and like a dutiful slave simply raised her saree above her waist and spread her legs. Subhash looked down, grinned and simply reached for a bottle of cold cream. He opened the cap of the bottle and spread a generous load of the cream on his condom-covered prick.

Sushila was curious but did not say anything. Subhash passed her the open bottle and said,” Spread it over your arse-hole woman, ’cause today that’s the hole which is going to get it’s share of fucking!”

Sushila knew better than to argue with Subhash. She silently took the bottle and put a globule of cream on and in her arse-hole. Subhash climbed on top of her, grabbed her legs by the ankles and raised them so that both her ankles were in line with her ears. This action raised Sushila’s pelvis right in the air presenting her arse-hole in a perfect position to be attacked. She could feel the pain of being stretched in this form and grimaced.

Subhash, then asked her to hold her feet in this position and with one hand started guiding his prick inside Sushila’s anus. It was tight, and twice Subhash failed in entering the head of his prick inside her anus. He then grabbed the base of his prick hard and with more force started shoving it inside her ass.

The head lodged inside her sphincter. It was easy after that. Bit by bit, Subhash managed to feed Sushila’s ass-hole all of his 7″ of meat. Sushila had shut her eyes and once or twice a moan escaped her lips. Subhash could make out that the moans were more of pain than of pleasure.

Slowly but steadily, he started fucking her ass. Her asshole felt like a warm wet glove encompassing his penis. It was tighter than any pussy he had ever imagined and the cold cream was providing Subhash the necessary lubrication for ravaging Sushila’s anus.

Subhash established a rhythm and now with one hand he started fingering her clit. Sushila started enjoying soon enough and started moaning. The entry of his prick into her anus was most painful, but after that her pleasure steadily started coming on and with her clitoris being fingered she actually started liking the butt-fuck.

“Sahab! Please put two fingers inside my pussy.” Sushila requested.

Subhash put two fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking her pussy in rhythm with his prick entering her asshole. His fingers could feel his prick between the thin wall that separated her anus from her cunt. This sensation drove him wild and he started fucking her asshole hard almost as if he was going to tear her ass-hole apart.

“Oh Sahab! Oh Mother! Oh God, what are you doing? You are tearing me apart. My cunt and my anus will bleed. Don’t stop! Oh Mother! This is feeling so good. This is heaven! Oh Mother! Harder…. H a r d e r…… HARDER!” Sushila was unstoppable with her verbal encouragement to her fucking.

Subhash needed no encouragement. By now he had lost all sense of rhythm and he was ramming into her hard, he knew that Sushila had already come and had no strength left in her because she had already achieved her orgasm multiple times.

With a loud cry Subhash climaxed. He extracted his prick and asked Sushila to take off the condom. She removed the condom and simply sat down besides the bed on the floor to catch her breath.

When both of them had suitably recovered, Subhash gave her some more money and asked her to come back again the next day for some more fucking!


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Midnight Slut


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I had taken a small, private room at a hostel for the night from a disarmingly sexy young Asian babe at the front desk.

During the night I was awakened by the sound of someone unlocking my door. I carefully picked up the ashtray beside my bed so I would be ready and able to fucking murder the intruder with it if needs be. But I could see right away from her long, straight, shiny black hair in the light from the hallway that it was her- the babe from the front desk! If she was an intruder, I think she was a welcome one.

It looked like she was wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit, with high, white socks, a short red plaid miniskirt, and some kind of a skimpy white revealing top.

She quietly closed the door behind her, apparently unaware that I had awoken.

With the door closed, the room was nearly pitch-black. I could hear her walking over to my bed and taking off her shoes. I could hear her breathing as she crept onto the bed and straddled my body. She jumped slightly when I caressed her thighs, apparently startled to find me awake, but then began returning my caresses.

I wasn’t wearing any boxers, or using any sheets, as it was so hot in this country this time of year. And my rising cock could feel that she didn’t have on any panties, either. My cock felt a copious slickness increasing from her aroused pussy. She began sliding her slickening cunt up and down my dick, which was by now long and hard. Both our breathing was getting faster and faster…

She reached down and gently jerked my rod with her slender hand, before teasing it along the slippery crevasse of her pussy and asshole.

I figured it was safe enough to put the ashtray back down, which I did. And if she was gonna murder me, at least I might die having an orgasm. Or get robbed having an orgasm. There are worse ways to die and get robbed. Fuck it, this shit was hot!

The slickness of her pussy readily coated my cock-shaft, lubing it up for smooth, easy fucking which was about to ensue. She suddenly held my dick upright and began sitting down upon it- but rather than take it up her pussy first, which I’d expected her to do, she let it slide straight up her tight, hot slippery butt-hole! She slowly sat the rest of the way down on my lap, her asshole sliding lower and lower down around my cock, taking my dick slowly deep up her hot tight brown-hole, until my balls were squashed underneath her little ass! Just for an instant it made me think of a young, blushing bride slowly sliding the wedding band onto her groom’s trembling finger. She let out a long soft moan as her pussy leaked warm pussy-juice onto my belly. Her tight little Asian arse gripped my dick deliciously tight. She began to bounce her ass up and down on my cock, so subtly at first, milking my dick with her bum. I gripped and squeezed her ass cheeks; my dick was in heaven!

She ventured some slow up and down fucks along the whole shaft my cock- Holy shit! it felt amazing!


I caressed her wet pussy, which was totally clean shaven, and squeezed her big young titties, which by now each had bullet-hard nipples. Fuck, she was a wet girl!

After this brief ecstasy, she raised her butt so that just the tip of my cock was still inside her, reached below and began jerking my shaft up her asshole with her hand. She bounced her ass on my knob as she did so, quickly coaxing me to cum.

We carried on like this for ten minutes or so, when in a fit of lust I suddenly lifted her off of me, moved quickly behind her in ‘doggy,’ slid my hard cock back deep up her asshole, fucked her hard and fast and came hard, deep up her ass, pumping my hot cum into the midnight-slut’s shit-hole as her bum gripped my spasming sausage.

She pulled off, and sucked my dick clean… She sucked it hard and fast, bringing it back to life. Then she lay on her back and fed my rod down between her widespread legs and into her hot, tight young pussy.

We hadn’t exchanged a single word, but here I was fucking her wet cunt in the middle of the night… Fuck, I love to travel!

She pulled me into her as I fucked her hard. I could tell she was about to cum, so I fucked her faster bringing her over the edge before blasting another load deep up into her hot, tight young, shaved Asian cunt.

She pulled off again and started sucking my cock like a girl possessed. My rod was quickly hard again and in ecstasy in her beautiful mouth, which I had admired only a few hours ago, but in such a different way.

She wouldn’t let me go, determined, it seemed, to swallow my cum in her mouth. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth like I had just done her pussy and asshole. She sucked me hard, taking my dick down her throat, like her mouth was a pussy, until I shot a third load deep down the fuck-hole that was her mouth. I pumped her stomach full of my cum, my hips pressing into her pretty face as I came long and hard for the third time…

She sucked my spent dick, swallowing every drop of my cum, and cleaning my shaft and balls off immaculately.

She bent down and kissed me in the dark, and with that, crept back out of the room never to be seen by me again.

The next morning there was a different woman working at the front desk. But when I asked her about the girl, she had no idea who I was talking about. They didn’t even seem to have a record that I was staying there! The mysterious girl must have arranged everything! It was a little strange, to say the least, but I wouldn’t want to trade the experience for anything!

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